How To Create Apple Id In Settings

How To Create Apple Id In Settings

Over the years, Apple has recommended that children under the age of 18 use the parent Apple ID to purchase and download music, movies, applications, books, and other content. It was a simple but not entirely good solution, as it meant that all purchases were forever tied to the parent account and could not be transferred to their own Apple ID, which the children created later.

That all changed when Apple gave iOS 8 the opportunity for parents to create an Apple ID for their children. Parents can now set up a separate Apple ID for their child, allowing them to download their own content, while they can track and control all downloads.

Creating an Apple ID for a child is also a key requirement for setting up Family Sharing, which allows all family members to use a purchase made by one of their members for free.

Step 1. Create an Apple ID for the child

To set an Apple ID for any family member under 18, follow these steps:

On your iPhone, click Settings.
Scroll down to iCloud and tap on it.
Click on Set up Family Sharing (or on Family if Family Sharing is already installed).
At the bottom of the screen, click Create an Apple ID for a child.
On the screen that appears, click Next.
If a debit card is registered in your Apple ID / iTunes account, you need to replace it with a credit card. Apple requires parents to use a credit card to pay for purchases made by their children.
Next, enter the birthday of the child for whom you are creating an Apple ID.

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Step 2. Entering the name and e-mail for the child Apple ID

At this point, Apple will ask you to confirm that you really own the credit card you specified. This is done by entering the CVV (three-digit number) located on the back of the card. Then click Next.

Follow the instructions below and enter the child’s first and last name, followed by the email address that will be associated with the Apple ID generated. If there is no such address yet, you must create it before you can continue. You can get a free email address on iCloud or other services.

After completing all the data, click Next.

Step 3. Confirm Apple ID and set a password.

As soon as you enter the name and email address, you will be asked to confirm that you really want to create an Apple ID with the specified data. Click Cancel or Create.

Next, create a password for the baby Apple ID. It is advisable that the child can easily remember him. However, Apple requires the ID password to meet certain security requirements. Therefore, you may need several attempts to find a code that meets Apple’s requirements and, at the same time, is easy to remember.

Enter the password a second time to confirm and click Next to continue.

Now you will need to enter three questions to help you or your child recover the password if it is necessary to reset it. You must choose from the options that Apple offers. Choose questions for which you probably won’t forget the answers. If your child is still small, choose questions that will apply to you, not to him. After adding an answer to each of the questions, click Next to continue.

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Step 4. Enable Ask to Buy and Location Sharing

When the basic settings for Apple ID are created, you need to decide whether you want to connect a couple of useful additional features.

The first of these is Ask to Buy. It allows you to view and approve or refuse each download that your child wants to do with iTunes and App Stores. This can be useful for parents of young children, as well as for parents who want to know about everything that their children use. To enable Ask to Buy, slide the switch to the On (green) position. After that click Next.

You can also choose whether you want to know where your child is (or at least the location of his iPhone). In addition, Location Sharing makes it easy to send messages and make appointments using the Messages, Find My Friends, or Find My iPhone features. Make a selection by clicking on your preferred option.

It’s all! Next, you will be taken to the Family Sharing main screen, where you can see all the information you entered about the child. Let him try logging in to his new Apple ID to make sure everything works as it should.