How To Connect Headphones To Ps4

How To Connect Headphones To Ps4

Sony regularly delights its users with new products in various areas of human life. For entertainment in the form of games, they also found a place. The renowned PlayStation series console won the hearts of millions of players around the world. Manufacturers have always been famous for the quality of their products, the use of advanced technologies and the introduction of advanced developments in their devices.

The gameplay is very exciting, and the virtual world drags the player into an unforgettable journey. For the full experience of the console, there is the possibility of using headphones. We will talk about the connection methods and options for the equipment used to obtain high-quality sound and a pleasant atmosphere of the game.

Which headphones are better for the console?

  • By design type: plug-in, overhead or full-size versions. Depending on which headphones you are used to using, get the appropriate model.
  • By the type of connection to the PS3, there are wired and wireless options. Of course, it is more convenient to use a wireless system, but you will have to pay a little more for such convenience.
  • By sound quality: low, medium and high resolution. It is better to clarify this parameter in the technical specifications or ask a consultant.
  • The price range also varies significantly: there are budget models, middle and premium class. Focus on your financial capabilities and buy good headphones. In any of these categories, you can find a great option for combining price and quality.

Based on the parameters described above, you can choose a headset that you like. Analyze and compare several options to choose a truly good device.

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TIP: According to many players, it is most convenient to use wireless overhead or full-size headphones. The absence of wires will give you freedom of movement, and by applying ear cushions to the ear, the effect of immersion in the events taking place on the screen is created.

Instructions on how to connect headphones to ps4.

The process of connecting headphones is quite easy to carry out and does not take much time. Everyone can do it. Usually there are no problems, but if this is your first encounter with such a device and you don’t know the procedure, it’s better to refer to the instructions. For convenience and a quick start to work, we suggest using the classic scheme for connecting the headset to the console, in which each item is described in detail. Follow the instructions and complete all steps in stages:

  1. Connect all devices to the network by pressing the power button, activate the system.
  2. Take the joysticks that come with the PlayStation 4 in your hand. Take a close look at their case; a special connector for the headset should be located on it. Usually it is located in the middle next to the connector for connecting the wire from the joystick charger.
  3. Take the wire from your headset and insert it into the corresponding jack on the joystick body.
  4. Now you need to synchronize devices to work together.
  5. In the main menu of the main screen, use the control buttons on the joystick to enter the settings.
  6. In the proposed list, select “devices” and then “audio devices”.
  7. Now click on the line for outputting all sounds to the headphones.

If all actions were performed correctly, a sound should appear. With a model combined with a microphone, it will also connect, and you can immediately talk. This is only possible with healthy devices and when connecting them to the network.

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IMPORTANT: The connector implies the combination of the headphone and microphone. When only headphones are connected, you cannot use the microphone separately, and accordingly, you will not be able to communicate with other users.

Can I connect regular headphones?

Despite the fact that the company has its own branded accessories that complement the collection and create a complete image, you can use non-native devices. Since the connector used in the joystick is a standard 3.5 mm input, you can use absolutely any headphone. Of course, this will not be combined with the general look and obviously will not suit connoisseurs of Sony products, but this can be done. The main condition that must be observed is the matching of the connectors. Completely outdated versions with a flat wire will not work.

But if you decide to purchase a good headset, or you already have such an option, you can safely use it. Connection is carried out according to the same scheme described above.

IMPORTANT: Do not think that only native headphones will provide good sounding, this is not so. The sound quality will not suffer, and the main indicators will depend only on the capabilities of your device.

Can I use wireless headphones?

A bit more complicated is the case with the use of a wireless headset. If you want to get rid of constantly confusing wires, you can purchase a special model of headphones.

IMPORTANT: Wireless versions have recently become especially popular due to their ease of use. Despite the lack of wires and signal transmission via Bluetooth, the quality is not inferior to wired options.

It is worth noting that this option has its own peculiarity, and it consists in the connection method. Since the source of transmission is Bluetooth, you need to correctly perform all the steps of connecting to ps3 or ps4. To do this, do the following:

  1. The first step is to purchase a receiver to transmit the signal and use the Bluetooth system. The set-top box connects to the TV and broadcasts the image along with the sound. The receiver is needed in order to connect a headset and broadcast sound waves through it. To do this, it is enough to purchase an average model in terms of performance.
  2. Connect all the necessary elements to the screen using the wires and the necessary adapters. The type of connectors used with the receiver can be checked with the sellers.
  3. Now you need to synchronize the system with your headphones.
  4. Both devices must be turned off. You should start with the receiver, turn on its power by holding the button for a long time (it may take up to 10 seconds). Then turn on the headset. If the connection is correct, Bluetooth should first blink (search for new devices), and then synchronize with the headphones. If this does not happen, try the operation again.
  5. With proper operation, sound should be transmitted immediately to the headset.
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How to choose headphones for the console?

Among the many different models it is difficult to stop the choice on something specific, each option has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have free time and experience in acquiring such equipment, you can see the comparative characteristics of various devices. With accurate analysis and comparison of important work parameters, you can choose a really good model.

But in the case when time is limited, you should pay attention to such indicators:

  • Clear sound without interference.
  • Convenient design and comfort for extended use.
  • Easy to connect.
  • Compatibility with the prefix.
  • Favorable value for money.