How To Connect And Configure The Router Yourself!

How To Connect And Configure The Router Yourself!

In the modern environment in each apartment there are more and more devices that can be connected to the Internet. For proper operation, an Internet connection is needed for smartphones, phones, and tablet computers. As the simplest and most universal solution for connecting these devices with the Internet and with each other, you can recommend installing a router. Therefore, you need to know how to connect a wifi router.

Through a router, you can connect devices such as a printer, laptop, computer, tablet, TV, etc. to the Internet or a local network. An example of how to connect the Internet through a router to different devices is shown schematically in the figure.

A router is a network device that serves to establish communication with an Internet provider. Through it, after the necessary internal configuration, Internet access is provided for your network devices connected to the router, such as a computer, laptop, etc.

Today, the cost of routers is constantly decreasing, thanks to a large number of various models. When choosing a router, you need to know what type of connection is used by your Internet provider (cable, telephone). In addition, routers may have some additional functions, for example, the presence of a usb connector, etc., which may be necessary to connect your equipment. From the article you will learn how to connect a router to a laptop and computer.

In any modern router, it is possible to connect devices both via a network cable (at least four) and via a WI-FI wireless channel. In addition, before connecting to the router, it is important to take all measures to protect your network from possible third-party access.

When choosing a place to install a router, you need to proceed from the fact that the coverage area should cover all the places where you need access to the Internet. If the signal is very weak, then the computer or laptop does not see the router. At the same time, it is recommended to position the router so that the router network does not go much beyond the boundaries of the apartment in order to reduce third-party access to it. And if you do not plan to use wireless access, it is better to simply, when setting up, turn off Wi-Fi.

After acquiring a router, the first thing you need to do is correctly connect the Wi-Fi router to a computer or laptop. This article will give recommendations on connecting a router.

How to connect a wi-fi router

All modern routers are not much different from one another. In general, in the router, you can select the interface with which the wifi router is connected, and it can be connected to an external network. And there are a few more interfaces that are needed to connect the internal network.

Before connecting a Wi-Fi router, familiarize yourself with the approximate location of these connectors in the figure.

Depending on the connection used by the provider, there may be various options for the “incoming” wire that you connect to the corresponding socket on the router and you need to know how and how to connect the router correctly.

How to connect a router to the Internet

If you use a telephone jack (xDSL connection):

If using a power outlet (PPTP connection) or optical: channel

If using a modem, then the USB connector:

For internal channels, power outlets are used (usually four of them). There may be a USB connector that is used to connect the printer. Wireless connection via Wi-Fi.

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Usually used when connecting one inbound channel, wiring the network via a network cable to those devices to which Wi-Fi connection to the others is possible. When using a cable to connect the router, it is necessary that all the connections are made qualitatively, otherwise it may turn out that the router does not see the cable.

Internet connection through a router

If you plan to connect a computer standing on a table with a router, then it is better to use a wired connection. Such a connection is better as the fastest and most reliable and has a higher priority in routers.

And setting up a wired connection will be much easier.

When connecting the router to a laptop or TV, you need the router itself, a connected device (computer, etc.), connecting

patch cord with which these devices will be interconnected. A patch cord is called a crimped cable in a certain way. At the heart of such a cable is used “twisted pair”, which is eight wires that are twisted together in pairs. Typically, the cable is crimped after installation. Factory patch cords, which look like the illustration, are also used.

Also, twisted pair is used if you need to connect the router to a TV, laptop or other devices. You can use a Wi-Fi wireless connection to connect to the router, but such a connection will have less bandwidth.

Connecting a wifi router to a computer is as follows: one end of the patch cord is inserted into any of the LAN (local area network) connectors on the router, and the other end is connected to the computer’s network board.

The wire from your Internet provider must be inserted into the WAN (INTERNET) connector, as shown in the figure.

After connecting all the wires to the router, it will look something like in the figure. Where the wire connected to the WAN connector is the wire from the provider, and the wire connecting the router to the computer is inserted into the LAN1 connector. A cable from the power adapter that is connected to the network is inserted into the Power connector.

As you can see, the number of ports on the router (in this case, four)

determines the number of devices that can be connected via a wired connection to a router. But this restriction can be easily circumvented if you use an additional special device – a switch or a hub. Also, the hub serves to stabilize the signal if you use a sufficiently large length of the wired connection (length of about 100 meters).

The computer connects the patch cord to the router through the network card connector. Such a connector looks approximately as in the figure.

The laptop is connected by a patch cord to the router via the network card connector, as in the figure.

All other devices, such as a phone, smartphone, etc., are best connected via a Wi-Fi wireless connection. After connecting the router, just wait a few seconds and the connection will be established. Sometimes a situation may arise that the laptop does not see the wifi router, then it is recommended to update the firmware of your router by downloading the latest version from the manufacturer’s website. Perhaps the patch cord was badly crimped and needs to be crimped.

The presence of a signal on the router can be judged by the glow of the indicators on the front panel. If the WAN indicator is off and the router does not connect to the Internet, then there may be problems with the equipment of the provider. Then you can enter the network address of your router (address in the browser and configure the router by going to the web interface.

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Instructions for connecting the router to a computer and laptop via WI-FI (Windows 7)

If you are using a laptop, you first need to activate the WI-FI button located on the laptop. Most laptops contain this button, and you can turn the WI-FI module on and off. When this mode is activated, this will be signaled by the glow of the corresponding indicator on the laptop case. If there is no such button, then it is possible to turn on Wi-Fi mode by pressing a certain combination on the keyboard. You can see such a combination in the instructions for the laptop, for example, in the Asus laptop you need to press Fn and F2. If your laptop can work in WiMAX 4G and Wi-Fi, then you need to choose the Wi-Fi mode.

After that, you need to check whether the wireless connection is enabled in the settings of your operating system. To do this, you need to open the menu for viewing network connections, as in the picture below. See if the wireless connection is turned on.

After that, you need to determine which application in your operating system is used to connect to WiFi. Usually, a special utility is used to connect, which is installed along with the drivers of the WiFi adapter. You can find out about using such a utility by the icon you see in the tray or by looking in the programs installed on the computer. This should be noted, because such a utility can take control of the WiFi adapter from the operating system. This problem can lead to the fact that your laptop or computer does not see the router. When you determine exactly which utility is responsible for the WiFi connection, you will need to connect to WiFi using this utility. Or you can disable the use of this utility in its settings, and return control of the connection to the operating system.

If the operating system controls the WiFi connection, we will configure the connection with an open SSID. A public or private SSID affects Wi-Fi network security. If the SSID is hidden, it means that the distribution of the network identifier is deactivated, and your wireless network will be hidden from client devices. Such a shutdown can hide the network only from relatively inexperienced users.

To connect a network, left-click on the icon responsible for the wireless network and located in the tray. From the list of available networks that you will see, you need to select your wireless network and double-click on it with the left mouse button.

After that, in the appropriate field you need to enter the value of the security password for your network and click OK.

How To Connect And Configure The Router Yourself!

The operating system will connect the router to a computer or laptop via Wi-Fi. If the connection is successful, then you can access the Internet by opening a browser. If the router does not see the Internet, then check the reliability of the cable connection from the provider to the router. Upon further connection of your computer or laptop to the wireless network, you will not need to enter a password to access the network, since the connection will occur automatically.

If you need to connect to a wireless network with a hidden SSID, you need to select Manage wireless networks in the computer menu, as in the figure below.

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In the window that opens, you must select the option – Add.

After that, you need to choose to create a network profile manually.

Now in the window that opens, you need to enter all the parameters necessary for connecting with a hidden SSID, as in the figure below.

You need to enter the network name in the field – Network name. You choose the type of network security that is installed on the router (WPA, WEP or WPA2). You need to enter the security key that you set when setting up the router. After completing all the settings, click Next and the next window will inform you about the addition of your network.

After that, the operating system will connect to your network if the signal level is sufficient. And you can open a browser and use the Internet.

How to connect a router to a computer

When connecting a computer to Wi-Fi, you need to connect the Wi-Fi module to your computer in a USB connector. It is more convenient for these purposes to use the connector located on the front of the computer. After that, check the connection of wireless devices with the system. To do this, open View network connections, as in the picture below.

In this window, the wireless connection should be turned on. After this, it is necessary, as in the version with a laptop, to determine the program that is used to connect Wi-Fi and use it for a wireless connection.

Configuring a wireless connection when a DHCP server is down

Consider connecting a computer to a router with the DHCP server disabled. This method can also be used if the computer cannot get the IP address of the router and the computer does not see the wifi router. To configure this connection, you need to manually enter the IP parameters used in your wireless network into the TCP / IP settings. In the event that the DHCP parameters in the router have not changed, you only need to enter in the appropriate field any suitable IP address, which is in the range of values ​​specified by the router by default.

This setting should make it possible to work if you had a problem with the fact that the computer does not see the router. Even if the status of receiving a network address lights up and the network address is not received automatically.

For further configuration, you need to open the network connection view, as in the figure below.

After that, you need to click on the wireless icon and select Properties from the menu.

After that, you need to configure the properties of the Internet protocol version 4. In this window, you must manually set the IP address parameters for connecting to a WIFI network. In this window, you must manually register the parameters that the router accepts. When using a router manufactured by Asus, Linksys or ZyXel, you can specify such parameters for the IP address,
main gateway and subnet mask, as in the figure below.

After entering all the necessary settings, click OK to apply the settings. With this setting, it should be borne in mind that if you often work on a laptop with other Wi-Fi networks outside the home, then there may be some problems with automatically connecting to these networks. This will happen because you have hard-coded TCP / IP settings, and other ranges for network addresses will be used outside the home.

Now you know what a wi fi router is, how to connect various devices to it.