How To Connect An Infrared Remote Control To Apple Tv

How To Connect An Infrared Remote Control To Apple Tv

Apple’s set top boxes get along well with third-party remote controls.

Unfortunately, the fourth-generation Apple TV does not support working with the iOS Remote Control application, and the standard control panel can easily be broken. However, a smart set-top box can work perfectly with most infrared remote controls.

To control the Apple TV, universal remotes and remotes from the electronics of most well-known brands are suitable. You can try to "make friends" the console even with a remote control from the air conditioner. Before starting the setup, make sure that the remote control will not interact with its native device (turn it off or close the sensor receiving the signal). Now go to the Apple TV setup:

  • open SettingsRemote controls and controllers (Remotes and Devices);
  • select section Remote Learning (Learn Remote);
  • press Start to start the learning process;
  • follow the instructions on the screen.

You will see a set of six buttons: four navigation keys, Select and Menu buttons. You need to alternately press the buttons on your remote control, which in the future will perform the specified functions. Of course, it’s more logical to select the appropriate Up, Down, Right and Left keys, but no one forbids to specify other buttons. The prefix will simply remember the signal that comes out when a certain key is pressed and assign an appropriate action to it.

How To Connect An Infrared Remote Control To Apple Tv

After the training process, you will be able to control the console using the old remote control. Management is limited to menu navigation and launching applications. In games and programs, a gyroscope and a touch panel are involved, which, of course, are not in the connected control device. In order to control the playback of music and video, you will need to go to the section Setting Playback Keys (Set Up Playback Buttons) and in the same way assign the buttons Play, Pause, Rewind, etc.

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This way of learning is possible on previous generations of Apple TV. If during the setup process the prefix will give an error “No signal!” (No signal received), then this remote control is not suitable for control. [idb]