How To Connect A Wi-Fi Tp-Link Router

How To Connect A Wi-Fi Tp-Link Router

Hello! Very frequencies are asked how to connect a router? They bought a router, brought it home, and how to connect it, and what to do with it further, so that it would distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi and cable. In this article we will talk specifically about TP-Link routers. I’ll tell you in detail, and even take a photo on connecting TP-Link. Where and what cable to connect, how to connect the router to the provider, computer, modem, etc.

In fact, there is nothing complicated about this. It takes only a little time and patience 🙂 After buying any router, in our case this is a TP-Link device, it will have to be connected and configured correctly. If you connect incorrectly, then the configuration will fail. The setup process itself, this is a topic for another article, or for instructions on a specific model. Well, in this article we will analyze in detail the process of connecting the TP-Link router.

The article is suitable for all models: TL-WR940N, TL-WR740N, TL-WR841N, TL-WR842ND, TL-WA701ND, TL-WR743ND, etc. I will show with the example of TL-MR3220. I would like to show how to connect the TL-WR841N (it is more popular), but now only TL-MR3220 is at hand. Well, okay, they are practically no different.

Connecting a computer to TP-Link via a network cable

First of all, we need to connect the power adapter to the router. Just plug it into the POWER jack. You won’t miss there &# 128578; Well, plug it in. If the indicators on the router do not light up, then check if there is a power button on it and it is turned off.

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Further, if you will configure (and / or use the Internet via cable) a router from a computer? or laptop, then take the network cable that comes with the router and connect one end of the cable to the network card of your computer, and second in the LAN connector of the router. On TP-Link, LAN connectors are usually yellow and there are usually 4 of them.

You can connect to any LAN connector. In them, you can also connect televisions via a network cable, game consoles, etc. Well, of course, you can connect via Wi-Fi (both for using the Internet and for setting up a router) See the instructions for connecting a laptop to Wi-Fi network.

We connect the TP-Link router to the Internet provider, or modem

Everything is clear here. In order for the router to be able to distribute the Internet (and this is its main task), you need to connect the Internet to it. Most likely, you have an ordinary network cable laid in your apartment, or you have the Internet from an ADSL modem.

We need to connect cable from ISP to WAN connector TP-Link Router. The WAN connector is usually blue. Or, connect the cable from the modem to the WAN connector (you can use the cable that comes with the router to connect)

This one looks something like this:

That’s all, they’ve connected the Internet, and you can begin to configure the router. Go to the settings of your TP-Link (see this manual) and configure the router. You can configure according to the instructions on the example of setting TP-LINK TL-WR940N. The setting will most likely be the same.

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It may be such that immediately after connecting the router, the Internet will work on your computer and other devices that you connect. This is possible if your ISP uses the Dynamic IP connection type, or if you have a modem connection. In any case, you will need to set up a Wi-Fi network and set a password.

And yet, just in case, I give a link to an article on solving the most popular problem, which very often appears when setting up a router: "Without internet access", or "Limited".

It seems to have forgotten nothing. As you can see, the instructions are simple and clear, everyone can connect. If something doesn’t work out. write in the comments, we will understand.