How To Bypass Iphone Activation Lock

How To Bypass Iphone Activation Lock

Activation Lock or "Activation lock"Is an integral part of the service" Find iPhone ". It is designed not only to protect the smartphone from possible theft, but to prevent attackers from using a mobile device. But sometimes this feature can turn against the rightful owner of the iPhone. Therefore, today we will consider a way to bypass "Activation Lock".

The Activation Lock feature is automatically activated when “Find iPhone” is turned on. After turning it on, to perform a number of manipulations with the device (turning off “Find iPhone”, exiting iCloud, erasing data or reactivating the device), users will first need to enter the Apple ID password.

If the owner of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch does not know the Apple ID data, then with the activated Lock at his disposal is just an expensive “brick”. In this case, neither flashing nor restoring iOS will help.

This situation may also threaten the rightful owner of a mobile device from Apple. If the owner loses or forgets his Apple ID login and password, then he risks turning his smartphone or tablet into a useless high-tech “brick”. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you record your Apple ID data and it is advisable to duplicate them in a place convenient for you, but inaccessible to scammers.

We will consider a way to bypass "Activation Lock" using the most common example. The iPhone is in standby mode and a password is required to unlock it. Data from Apple ID is unknown to us. The method is very difficult, but completely working.

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How to bypass Activation Lock in iOS?

1. On the lock screen, open the Control Center.

2. Transfer the iPhone to Airplane Mode and / or remove the SIM card (this is necessary to disconnect the device from the Internet). A smartphone disconnected from the network can be used to select a password.

3. Choose a password (approximately 10 thousand combinations). Smartphones with Touch ID can be unlocked with a fingerprint copy.

5. Unlock the smartphone.

6. Go to Settings – iCloud.

7. Make a note of the mailing address that appears next to the Account item (this address is the Apple ID to which the iPhone is attached).

8. Go to the official Apple website and go to the Apple ID password recovery procedure.

9. Enter the mailing address in the field, after which a letter will be sent to your smartphone with a link to the recovery page.

10. Briefly connect your iPhone to the network and check the message you received. Rewrite the link and disconnect the device from the network.

11. Use the link in the browser on the computer and perform the password recovery procedure by setting a new one.

How To Bypass Iphone Activation Lock

12. Now you can go to iCloud settings on your mobile device and delete the account to which iPhone is attached. The Find iPhone feature will be automatically disabled.

13. Restore iOS and attach the device to your Apple ID.

Based on this algorithm, you can also further secure yourself and your mobile device. To do this, eliminate the weaknesses in this method.

1. Deny access to the Control Center from the lock screen.

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2. Enable iPhone lock with a password after it is transferred to Airplane mode.

3. Use the fingerprint on the Touch ID that you don’t control the smartphone.

4. Use different mailboxes on the iPhone and the one on which the Apple ID is registered.

5. If you lose your smartphone, activate the loss mode in the Find iPhone application.