How To Block Mac Address On A Router

How To Block Mac Address On A Router

Hello friends! Today I will write an interesting article. I’ll tell you what to do if you find that someone has connected to your Wi-Fi router and is unscrupulously using your Internet. I will tell you how to identify and block such a cunning neighbor :). More precisely, how to determine who is connected to your wireless network, I already wrote in the article How to see who is connected to my Wi-Fi router ?, but if you have already read my article and found a “illegally” connected device, I’ll tell you how block it, so to speak to cover a freebie :).

And before starting the technical part, I would like to clarify and explain something.

I wrote in the title of the article “How to block a thief”. I used the word “thief” because I could not find another word :), all the time the word “thief” climbed into my head. In no case do I consider people who use someone else’s Internet to be thieves. Unless, when they’re already specially hacking someone else’s wireless network, and what thieves are, they are freeloaders. It’s not good to do that.

But excuse me, for example, when I do not have a router, and the laptop finds at least one open wireless network, then it’s a sin not to connect to it! I think you agree with me :). By the way, if you do this, then it will be interesting for you to read the article Connected to someone else’s, open Wi-Fi network. Can they find me and what will happen? Yes, nothing will happen, connect and use it, since the owner of the network has not closed it with a password. True, maybe he doesn’t know that his network is open, well, who is to blame, let me read my blog more often :).

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But today I’m writing, as it were, from the owners of wireless networks, so let’s get back to the topic of the article.

Let’s start with the fact that if you live in an apartment and your neighbors have laptops, phones, etc., and they are, and you still left your Wi-Fi network open and you want nobody to go to it connected, then this is a story from science fiction :).

You just get tired of blocking these devices, and there is no logic in such actions. Therefore, of course, you need to set a good password on your wireless network, how to do it is written in the article How to set (change) a password for a Wi-Fi network on a TP-Link TL-WR841N router. The password is certainly not 8 units :). Yes, and one password may not be enough, so read another article How to protect a Wi-Fi network? Basic and effective tips.

Well, if after such protection, you find that someone else’s device is connected to your Wi-Fi router, then your network is likely to have been hacked, or you have crept into your house and stole the Wi-Fi password, or you yourself gave someone a password , and then changed their minds, or … Come on, that’s enough :). In short, in any case, you need to lock this device.

And imagine a case, someone will connect to your network, and you also have a login with a password to access the settings of the router is not changed and is by default. This "someone" decides to joke, take and lock your computers :). It is not joke. You will have to reset the router. How? written in the article How to reset the password and settings on a Wi-Fi router? And if you have a local area network open through a router? Already, the information on your computers is at risk.

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Block someone else’s device connected to a Wi-Fi router

Of course we will block by MAC address. And by the way, before locking, change the password to the wireless network itself and to access the settings of the router.

If the passwords are changed, then go to the settings of the router (I hope you already know how) and go to the tab WirelessWireless MAC Filtering.