How To Block A User On An Asus Router

How To Block A User On An Asus Router

Often there are situations when you need to block a user in the settings of the router. I will enter a Wi-Fi client lock. And in this article we will consider blocking the user on the Asus router. The instruction is suitable for all devices with a dark control panel: Asus RT-N12, RT-N18, RT-N10, etc. I have Asus RT-N18, using his example I will demonstrate device lock.

It should be noted that after you block some device in the settings of your router, it either will not be able to connect to the router at all, or it will connect, but there will be no Internet access.

Two ways to block a Wi-Fi user on an Asus:

  • The first way: this is a normal, quick blocking of Internet access for a specific device. Just bind the MAC address to the IP address, and block the Internet.
  • The second way: completely block the device by MAC address. After that, the user will not even be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Let’s consider now both options.

We block access to the Internet for a Wi-Fi client on the Asus router

Go to the router settings. As a rule, it’s enough to connect to the router and go to the browser at We also have detailed instructions. Immediately on the main page you will see a tab Customers. Click on it. All devices that are currently connected to your Wi-Fi network appear on the left. Click on the user you want to block.

A window will appear in which you need to do three actions:

  • Opposite MAC and IP address Binding put the switch in position ON. Thus bind the IP address to the MAC address. That would be after rebooting the router, the lock all worked smoothly.
  • Near point Block internet access also need to put ON. Thus, to prohibit access to the Internet for the user.
  • Press the button To apply.
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The router will save the settings, and will block the Internet for the selected device. A special icon will appear next to it.

To unlock everything back, click on the device again and turn off the menu items that we have enabled.

How To Block A User On An Asus Router

Complete blocking of Wi-Fi network connection by MAC address on Asus router

If you do everything as I described above, the device will connect to a wireless network, just the Internet will not work. And now we’ll look at the full MAC address lock. In this case, the device will not be able to connect to your network at all.

In the settings you need to open the tab Wireless networkWireless MAC Address Filter. Then enable the filter, if it is turned off, and in the menu MAC Filtering Mode choose Reject. This means that the router will reject the connection of all devices that we add to the list.

Next, from the list of connected devices, select the desired one, or register the MAC address manually. And click on the button Add, and then To apply.

Everything, the device will be disconnected from the Wi-Fi network and will no longer be able to connect to it. Until you remove it from the blocked list.

If you notice that some third-party users have connected to your network, you can still just change the Wi-Fi network password And be sure to change the password to enter the router settings