How To Block A Device (Wi-Fi Client) On A Router By Mac Address

How To Block A Device (Wi-Fi Client) On A Router By Mac Address

In this article I will talk about blocking Wi-Fi clients that are connected to the router. Simply put, I’ll show you how to block a connected device by MAC address in the settings of your router. Or block absolutely all devices, and allow only some to connect. It is not strange that the article on blocking access to sites via the Tp-Link router is very popular. It is not uncommon to restrict access to the Internet through a router for a device, or completely block it.

We’ll take a closer look at blocking devices by MAC address on Asus, Tp-Link, D-link, and Zyxel routers. They have this feature implemented, though each manufacturer has its own way. But it’s okay, it’s not difficult to figure it out. The main thing is that you should have access to the settings of the router. I will not describe here why such a lock might come in handy, there are actually a lot of options. By the way, you can prohibit absolutely any device from connecting to your Wi-Fi: smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Typically, there are two ways in which you can block Wi-Fi clients:

  • Block absolutely all devices, no one will be able to connect to your router and allow only the necessary devices (MAC addresses of devices) This method is great for additional Wi-Fi network protection. Paired with a good password, such a lock will make your wireless network very well protected. But, if you often connect new devices, then this is not very convenient, since you will have to register their MAC addresses every time.
  • Well, the second method that is used most often is block certain Wi-Fi network clients. For example, in your home 10 devices are connected to the router, and you want one of them to block the Internet (connection)
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Let’s take a closer look at the process itself on different routers. Look below for instructions for your router, and follow the instructions.

Blocking devices by MAC address on Asus router

Connect to the router, and open the settings at Or, see the detailed instructions for entering the control panel. In the settings, go to the tab Wireless networkWireless MAC Address Filter.

Opposite item Enable MAC Filter set the switch to Yes. On the menu MAC Filtering Mode You can choose Reject or Accept. I will introduce devices that we will add to the list. If you choose Accept, then absolutely all devices will be blocked, except for those that you add to the list. Most likely you need to leave Reject, to block only some customers.

Next, select the connected device from the list that you want to block, or write down the MAC address of the device manually. To add a device, click on the add button. ().

The added client will appear in the list. To save, click on the button To apply. The device will be disconnected from your Wi-Fi network, and will not be able to connect to it until you unlock it.

To remove the lock, click on the button opposite the device Delete (-), and press To apply. At Asus, this function is implemented very simply and clearly. I think you will agree with me.

We block Wi-Fi clients by MAC address on a Tp-Link router

Already according to the standard scheme, go to the settings of your Tp-Link. Go to the tab WirelessWireless MAC Filtering. Click on the button Enable, to enable filtering.

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The default will be set Deny, this means that only those devices that you specify will be blocked. If you choose Allow, absolutely all devices will be blocked. Press the button Add New. to add a new device.

In field MAC Address register the address of the device we want to block.

In field Description write an arbitrary name for the rule. And opposite Status leave Enabled (this means that the rule is enabled) To save, click on the button Save.

The created rule will appear. You can delete it, or change it by clicking on the appropriate links opposite it. Or, create a new rule for another client.

To unlock the device back, just delete the rule, or edit it, and change Status to Disabled.

How to disable a Wi-Fi device on a D-Link router?

So, now we will block clients on the D-link DIR-615. We go into the settings at the address If you are doing it for the first time, or it doesn’t work, then see this instruction. In the settings, go to the tab WifiMAC filterFilter mode. On the menu, opposite MAC filter restriction mode, choose one of two options: Allow, or Deny.

If you want to block one or several clients, then select Forbid. And if you want to block absolutely all Wi-Fi connections, except for those devices that you add to the list, then select Permit. Press the button To apply.

Next, go to the tab MAC filterMAC addresses. And we select from the list (devices that are connected) the device that we want to block. Or click on the button add, and specify the address manually. Push button To apply.

How To Block A Device (Wi-Fi Client) On A Router By Mac Address

Added devices will appear in the list and will not be able to connect to your network. You can remove them from the list, or add new ones.

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This is how it is configured on D-Link routers. It’s simple, just a pity that the device name is not displayed in the list near the address. It’s hard to understand who to block.

Monitoring Wi-Fi Clients by MAC Addresses on Zyxel

Let’s take a look at setting up MAC filtering on ZyXEL Keenetic devices. Go to your router settings at First, we need to register the necessary device in the home network. To do this, go to the tab below home network, click on the device in the list and click on the button Register.

Next go to the tab Wifi network, and on top open the tab Access list. First of all, in the Block mode field, select the one that suits you. White list – block all devices except those on the list. Black list – block only those customers who are in a squeak.

We tick off the device that you want to block and press the button To apply.

After that, the client will be disconnected from the router, and will not be able to connect again.

To remove the device from the black list, just uncheck and Apply settings.

That’s the whole instruction.

It may be that you accidentally block yourself. In this case, go to the settings by connecting to the router using a cable, or from another device, and remove your device from the list. If it doesn’t work out, you can reset the router.

I hope my instruction came in handy. Good luck