How To Add A Contact To The Blacklist On Sony Xperia

How To Add A Contact To The Blacklist On Sony Xperia

How to add a number to the blacklist on Android

Add a contact to the blacklist on Sony Xperia. it is an effective way to get rid of annoying calls and messages, to listen and read which you have no desire.

Today, all unwanted calls and messages can be isolated in two accounts. However, not all owners of Sony Xperia phones know this, for this reason we will now consider the most effective and convenient ways for this.

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The first way is to add the contact to the blacklist using the standard method

Thanks to the traditional method of blocking, all calls from a specific subscriber that you do not want to talk to will be sent to voicemail.

This happens as follows: a person who wants to call you hears only short beeps, as if you are currently talking on the phone. Note that you can add to the standard blacklist on your Sony Xperia phone only the number that is listed in the contact list. To carry out this operation, you need to go into the phone book or call list, select the contact editing function and put a certain mark in front of the corresponding item.

The second way – Download through PlayMarket a special application to block calls and messages

The huge functionality to block unwanted calls and messages is provided by various applications that can be downloaded from PlayMarket.
One of these applications is called the Black List. With it, you can put a black mark on the number of any subscriber listed in the telephone directory, as well as on numbers not included in the phone book.

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Information about unwanted calls will be displayed in the notification panel. And thanks to the event log, you can find out who and at what time tried to reach you.

There are actually a lot of applications in this area, but which one you download and install on your Sony Xperia will depend on your personal beliefs and preferences. Each such application has a clear and uncomplicated menu, with the help of which you quickly localize undesired calls and messages.

Using the features in the phone settings or using special applications will allow you to fence yourself and your time from unwanted calls and messages. Weight is very simple!

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How To Add A Contact To The Blacklist On Sony Xperia

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