How to achieve 1080p @ 60 fps in Borderlands 3 on an average PC Answered by the main technical experts

How to achieve 1080p @ 60 fps in Borderlands 3 on an average PC Answered by the main technical experts

Despite the shading graphics and not the highest technological level of execution, Borderlands 3 is not the best way for both consoles and PC. However, experts from Digital Foundry are already rushing to the rescue with optimal graphics settings. This guide will allow you to play in 1080p at 60 fps, even on medium-sized computers.

Immediately make a reservation that the “average computer” in the understanding of experts from Digital Foundry is a bunch of the Intel Core i5-8400 processor and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. It was on this system that the optimal graphics settings were tested.

DirectX DX12 shows the best picture, but not by much. Users can easily switch to the eleventh version – especially if their PC does not have a top processor. If the CPU is more powerful than the specified one, you can select the older version of the library. It’s about 7% of the difference in performance.

Resolution. For a GTX 1060-level graphics card, the best choice is Full HD (1920×1080 pixels). But if you set all the settings to the maximum, then in this resolution the game will hardly “scratch” 40 frames per second. Technical experts at Digital Foundry advise stopping at 900p (1728×972). But only if the player really wants to play on ultra-settings. Medium graphics settings and 1080p would be the best solution.

Volumetric lighting. Average settings will give an increase in fps of 34% compared to the maximum. The choice of such lighting has the greatest impact on performance after screen resolution.

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SSR Experts advise resetting this parameter to an average level. Compared to ultra, this option will increase the frame rate by another 10%.

The quality of the items. This option can also be set to the average value. Such a setting will provide a 4% performance increase – a little, but it can help in extreme cases. You can also gain a couple of percent by setting the global shading settings to medium. This will hardly affect the schedule.

Motion blur. Experts advise disabling this option altogether – this will give as much as 7% additional performance.

The general recommendation of Digital Foundry analysts is to adhere to the average graphics settings. This, according to experts, is the best choice for those who are looking for a balance between image quality and high performance. The above settings should provide the user with stable 60 fps in Full HD resolution.