Home Button Repair In Ipad Mini

Home Button Repair In Ipad Mini

Our experts will make an instant diagnosis and will guide you about the cost of repairing the home button in the iPad mini.

Everyone knows that Apple gadgets have excellent build quality and high software reliability. It is not an exception to the respectable range of tablet computers and ipad mini or ipad mini 2. But even such high-quality products are not safe from various breakdowns and “glitches”. In devices, the home button often fails for various reasons.

The main cause of malfunctioning buttons in the ipad mini or ipad mini 2 is the human factor. Any strong physical impact adversely affects the functioning of the gadget and its buttons as well. The top button turns the device on and off. So, if you have problems with the inclusion, you must see the operation of this button. On the side are buttons for switching the volume and orientation of the screen. With their help, the volume is adjusted. But the home button is considered the most important ipad mini or ipad mini 2 button. The operation of this button is connected to the charger cable. Therefore, if you can’t charge the device, and the home button does not work, you should probably change the charger cable. Close to this loop is the WiFi antenna, which is very easy to damage when troubleshooting yourself. You can only slightly hook the antenna, and you will see that the gadget is no longer connected to WiFi. In this case, it is better to entrust your precious ipad mini to a professional.

Buttons, or rather ipad mini loops, are quite sensitive to mechanical shocks and moisture accumulation. The home button, as well as the power and volume buttons are most often used in the device, which means they wear out quickly. In this case, the user will repair buttons ipad mini.

The reasons for the breakdown of the home button

When the tablet has suffered from a blow or a fall on a hard one, or “has taken water procedures”, then most likely you will home ipad button repair mini or repair the ipad mini 2 button (depending on which version of mini you have). A similar problem arises before the user in case of particularly hard use of the device. As a result, the home button simply ran out of steam (the resource ran out). In addition, if you press the button with great effort, you can ruin the train. Also, the key stops functioning if dust and dirt get into the gap. It happens that the button is malfunctioning due to system software failures.

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Regardless of the source of the defect, you most likely will not be able to work with the tablet, and then you will have to repair the iPad mini button. And it’s better to have a qualified technician repair the home ipad mini button or repair buttons ipad mini 2 no one can.

We will identify three main causes of the button failure, due to which the repair of the home ipad mini button or the repair of the ipad mini 2 button is necessary:

  • Software glitches;
  • clogging of the technical hole of the button;
  • mechanical failure;
  • contact with liquid.

Home button repair

The repair of the iPad mini button depends on the factor that caused the breakdown. Indeed, not in every case it is necessary to change the button. Repairing the home ipad mini button or repairing the ipad mini 2 button is different. Due to humidity, the contacts may oxidize – they just need to be cleaned. If the software is to blame – make a gadget flashing. If the technical hole is clogged, they also clean.

In any case, the replacement or repair of the ipad mini button should be done by a specialist, since the repair of the home ipad mini button or repair buttons ipad mini 2 required to do with a complete disassembly of the device.

It happens that if you press too hard either from another mechanical effect or prolonged contact with moisture, the loop itself ceases to function, then you will have to install a new one. This procedure is done along with the repair of the button.

Replacing the loop or repairing the ipad mini button in ipad mini (ipad mini2) will take about an hour, depending on the nuances that may arise during the resolution of the problem and affect the amount of time spent.

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Due to the simple design, the button can not break as often as other nodes of the gadget. Sometimes, if the button does not respond to pressing or is pressed with difficulty, users are in a hurry to replace or repair the iPad mini button. However, the problem may be different – the loop stops functioning properly (in fact, this is a rather delicate part to handle). Therefore, we kindly ask you not to rely on your own strengths, but to entrust repair button home ipad mini or repair the ipad mini 2 button to a specialist who, using special diagnostics, will accurately determine the problem and the ways to solve it, because only in some cases the problem can be solved by simple dusting.

Ways to repair the home button

    Home Button Repair In Ipad Mini
  • button calibration;
  • contact mechanism cleaning;
  • change home button to touch control;
  • correction of the position of the connector.

Button calibration. For the button to work again, try calibrating the button. Having turned on some standard application on the gadget, you need to press and hold the power button until the splash screen appears, informing you of the shutdown, and then release the button. The next step: press home and hold until this screen saver on the monitor disappears. This is not a panacea – but worth a try.

Contact mechanism cleaning. You can try to clean the button mechanism using a variety of cleaners and greases, although it is extremely risky to independently carry out such manipulations: you can fill in the wrong and the wrong way, thereby adding problems to yourself and the master. Cleaning done in this way can help if the button has no mechanical damage.

Change home button to touch control. You can redirect the button to touch control. To do this, the new ipad mini has an interesting Assistive Touch lotion. Run it by moving from the settings of your gadget to the main settings. There you will find "Universal Access", in which the Assistive Touch is located. You must enable it. A special icon will appear. If you click on it, a menu will appear. Thus, it will be possible to work with the necessary buttons using the touch screen. If you want to resume the function of the button in the usual format, you cannot do without the help of the wizard.

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Correction of the position of the connector. If the button on the device does not work, then maybe you just need to adjust the position of the connector. You need to connect the USB-plug (it is provided in the configuration of the gadget) to the iPad. Then put something not sharp under the bottom of the plug and slightly raise. After that, check the operation of the button: click on it. If there are no results, you do not need to press harder, otherwise you will also break the connector. In this case, it remains to turn to a good master for help.

An important point should be emphasized: if the home button is faulty, it is impossible to unlock the device yourself. In addition, if liquid gets on the tablet or due to physical impact, the front panel of the device, the back cover with the charging connector and the lower loop may break. Like it or not, the above nodes will have to be replaced. And again, all roads lead to the professional.

Repair is carried out by specialists with a complete analysis of the device

  • remove the front panel of the case;
  • carefully peel off the bottom loop;
  • extract the broken button;
  • return to the repaired or put a new home key.

After all the manipulations, you need to assemble the gadget back and check how the ipad mini functions.

Some users believe that they can do it themselves, for example, stripping contacts or changing a button. That is their right. But inept actions can ruin the device. It may happen that work with other problem areas will be added to the repair of the button. Unambiguously, the home button in Apple devices performs an important function, therefore, independently repair the home ipad mini button or ipad mini 2 button repair not recommended – too high risk of causing irreparable damage to your favorite gadget. Feel free to contact the professionals – and your computer tablet will serve you faithfully for a long time.