Firmware For Xiaomi Mini Wifi Router With English Firmware

Firmware For Xiaomi Mini Wifi Router With English Firmware

Xiaomi mini WiFi is a great option for a home router for a very good price. But, he has a small minus. This is a control panel in Chinese. Although, as we already found out, even in Chinese, it is not difficult to configure this router. We have detailed instructions on our website in which I showed how to set up Xiaomi mini WiFi

The fact is that there is no official, Russian firmware for the Xiaomi mini router, and most likely will not. But, there is an English firmware. And there are two ways in which you can flash your Xiaomi router, and after this procedure, the control panel will be in English. Agree, this is easier than Chinese characters. I already checked everything on my router, and now I will show how to do it.

The translation there is not perfect, but everything is clear.

In general, for Xiaomi mini WiFi there are also Russian firmware, but not official, but the structure. For example, OpenWRT (PandoraBox), Padavan. Perhaps later I will write how to install them. But, the installation process there is not quite simple.

Installing the English version of the firmware on Xiaomi mini WiFi

So, our article is purely about installing the English version. And there are two ways:

  1. The first one is the change of region in the Wi-Fi settings to Europe, and the firmware update. But not manually, namely when the router itself downloads and installs it. For some reason, I did not succeed in this way of doing it.
  2. And the second way is to download the English firmware, and install it on the Xiaomi mini router. True, there is the latest firmware version 2.8.91, and on the official website there is already 2.12.3. I downloaded the firmware from the forum I did not understand where to get the new version of the English firmware, because it is not on the official website.
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The first way: change the Wi-Fi region and update the software

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Go to your router settings at On the authorization page, specify the password from the control panel. If you installed it. In the settings, go to the following menu items:

Firmware For Xiaomi Mini Wifi Router With English Firmware

Scroll the page to the very bottom and select the last item in the drop-down menu (this is Europe)

A message will appear. Click on the blue button (which is on the left). The router will reboot.

Next, go back to the settings, and open the following sections:

Attention! Your settings will be in Chinese. I just have a screenshot from the English version.

We wait a bit until the router determines whether there is a new firmware (important! The router must be connected to the Internet), and click on the blue button that should appear. We wait 5-8 minutes until the firmware is downloaded and installed. If the blue button does not appear, or after updating the settings everything will be exactly in Chinese, then use the second method.