Find Iphone »How To Enable, Disable The Function, Search For A Lost Iphone Or Ipad

Find Iphone »How To Enable, Disable The Function, Search For A Lost Iphone Or Ipad

Since the beginning of the Apple Find iPhone service, the number of thefts of apple mobile devices has significantly decreased. The thing is that finding the stolen iPhone, iPad or Mac has become very simple, and the device itself, blocked by the owner, became in the hands of the attackers simply a set of spare parts and no more.

What is “Find iPhone” and how to use this function to protect your iOS device from theft?

What is "Find iPhone"

“Find iPhone” or Find My iPhone is an official Apple service offering a number of options to protect your company’s devices from loss and theft. In the present, you can work with the service through the mobile application of the same name and the iCloud web service.

In the event of theft or loss of the iPhone, iPad, thanks to the Find iPhone feature, it has become possible:

  • determine the geolocation of the device on the map;
  • play a sound signal that helps you find a smartphone or tablet if it is somewhere nearby;
  • activate the loss mode blocking iPhone, iPad;
  • remotely erase all information from the stolen device.

How to enable the Find My iPhone feature

In order to start using the “Find iPhone” function, you must first enable it in the settings of your device.

“Find iPhone” is activated in the settings of the iOS device. Open settings, go to iCloud > Find iPhone (or “Find iPad”) and drag the slider to the “on” position. In the same subsection, you can enable / disable the automatic sending of the latest geo-location of your device to Apple whenever the battery charge is critically low.

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Simultaneously with the inclusion of the “Find iPhone” function, the activation blocking begins to protect the mobile device from intruders.

IPhone Activation Lock

Activation Lock or Activation Lock – a new feature that came with iOS 7 enhances data security on iPhone or iPad. Activation lock is automatically activated when the “Find iPhone” function is activated, securing the Apple ID for the iOS devices used. After that, without entering an Apple ID password, the following actions will become impossible:

  • Disabling the Find iPhone feature on your device
  • delete data from the device;
  • Reactivation and use of the device.

At the same time, even flashing and restoring from DFU mode does not solve the problem. If you have forgotten your Apple ID password, try to recover it using this "How to recover a forgotten Apple ID password" instruction.

How to disable "Find iPhone"

Turning off “Find iPhone” is necessary when transferring the device to the new owner and for servicing the iPhone or iPad.
There are several ways to disable the Find My iPhone feature:

  • in the settings of the iPhone or iPad;
  • remotely via iCloud service;
  • deleting an iCloud account from the device in the settings or erasing the content and settings of iPhone, iPad.

Of course, the quickest and easiest way to turn off “Find iPhone” in the settings. Open Settings, go to iCloud > Find iPhone and slide the slider to the off position. Next, enter the Apple ID password.

In addition to directly disabling the function through the settings, you can deactivate “Find iPhone” by deleting the iCloud account or by deleting the content and settings of the iPhone, iPad, for which you need to go to “Settings” > "Basic" > "Reset" > Erase content and settings. In both cases, it will also be necessary to enter the password for the Apple ID.

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Remotely disabling “Find iPhone” is possible through the iCloud service and is described in detail here “How to disable the function "Find iPhone""

How to find iPhone from computer via iCloud

You can find your iPhone through iCloud from any computer or mobile device through a browser. To do this, go to and specify your Apple ID, password.

Next, go to the "Find iPhone" application. You may need to re-enter your Apple ID password here.

The My Devices menu displays all your devices on which the same iCloud account has been activated.

To get information about the current geolocation of the device you are interested in, as well as access to the control panel, you just need to select it in the "My Devices" menu.

Find iPhone app

You can use all the features provided by Find iPhone, such as tracking the device’s geolocation or blocking in case of theft, both through the iCloud service and using the universal Find iPhone app. Find My iPhone is available for free download on the App Store.

After installation, just launch the application and log in with your Apple ID and password. Having authenticated, you are always able to track the location of your iPhone, iPad or Mac on the map, provided that all the devices listed have the same iCloud account activated.

How to find a lost or stolen iPhone

If the “Find iPhone” function has been activated on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, then immediately after detecting a loss, you should enable “Lost Mode” as soon as possible via iCloud or the Find iPhone iPhone mobile app.

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Activating this mode will block your smartphone, tablet or computer and will require you to enter a lock password to resume working with the device.

If the device was previously protected by a lock password, then when activating the loss mode, a combination of numbers already familiar to the owner will be used as a password. Otherwise, you will need to come up with a new password.

Next, the owner of the lost device will be asked to indicate the phone number for communication, and then enter the message text that appears on the screen of a locked iPhone or iPad.

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