Even The Grandmother Will Understand The Setting Of The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 Router

Even The Grandmother Will Understand The Setting Of The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 Router

Progress in our century is moving by leaps and bounds. New technologies are emerging, data exchange speeds are increasing, consumer demands for content quality are constantly growing. We need high-speed internet to watch movies online and games on the network. To meet the ever-growing needs, a reliable router is just needed, the characteristics of which will be at or even higher than our needs.

A vivid representative of such modern equipment is Xiaomi. The routers of this company provide high-speed Internet access and have excellent performance. Moreover, at a fairly attractive cost.


The difficulty will only be that the instructions for use are written in hieroglyphs, i.e. in Chinese. The rest is the quality and characteristics of these routers at a very high level.

A modern and powerful device that has two ranges for wireless network operation. Supports 802.11ac standard. Has a USB port. Good ventilation in the form of numerous openings on the unit helps to easily cope with overheating and maximum load. Only openings for mounting to the wall are absent in the case; you have to do them yourself.

CPU based on the MT7620A chip, RAM: 128MB DDR-2. Router 3G is equipped with four fixed antennas, 2 LAN ports and 1 WAN. The speed on LAN connection is up to 1 Gbit / s, on the “LAN” a little more – up to 1167 Mbit / s. Compatible with all types of encryption, including the most reliable WPA / WPA2-PSK. The router can operate in relay mode.

We also offer a video review of the router. Mi router 3:

Instructions for use

Configuring Xiaomi Mi WiFi routers has some nuances, but we can easily figure them out below in the text. For beginners, of course, we advise you to start not with the process of downloading a non-standard version of the firmware (we will leave this option to professionals), but with a simpler option – downloading the Mi WiFi application.

The instructions for Xiaomi are very simple and almost the same as setting up devices of the Xiaomi Router 3C, 3G, 3 or Pro series.

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From smartphone

Watch video instructions for using the application here:

When setting up your router yourself, you often encounter a lot of problems and errors, you start looking for useful information on sites and forums, and you use different tips and solutions. The easiest way is to download a great app to your phone. This is a proprietary development of Mi Router. We’ll use Mi Wi-Fi (download on Google Play for Android or the AppStore for iPhone).

The installation is standard, in a few steps. We connect the device to power, we bring the cable from the Internet company to the WAN port. The new network will appear in the list, will be called by default and is not protected.

The router will independently check the Internet connection, and if available, it will display a message that the operation was successful. This will only happen when connecting via DHCP. If we use the PPPoE type, then we need to enter additional data – username and password.

Via pc

Settings for different connection types are available in the following video:

When starting through a browser (the standard configuration of the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi router via a computer), you need to enter not the usual address, but (or miwifi.com). We will get to the main page with hieroglyphs that are understandable only to Chinese and professional translators. We will not understand and just press the first button on the screen.

Next, I will describe step by step how to set up the Internet on Mi Wi-Fi Router:

  1. A new window will appear. In it, we come up with a Wi-Fi network name and a secret code (password) for access. The key must contain from 8 characters.
  1. Do not forget to put the security code on the settings of the router, otherwise the attacker will be able to go into them and change in their interests.
  2. A window will appear where it will be written that the router will have 2 Wi-Fi networks with different names and frequencies. The second network for the 5 GHz band also needs to be given a name and come up with a security code. Then the device will go into reboot.
  3. After initialization, in the list of available connections we will see a network with our name, which we assigned to it during installation. We connect to it by entering our password. The main configuration of the Xiaomi Mi WiFi router is completed.
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If the Internet has earned, you are very lucky. If not, we are tormented with the Chinese further:

  1. Again, go to the web interface (if you changed the password, enter a new one).
  2. Select an item with a circle that looks like a globe. You will recognize this icon, on routers of other manufacturers this is also there.
  1. We select a PPPoE connection and enter the username and password to access the Internet. You can find out these data from the contract or by calling the provider’s operator. Save by clicking the first button below.

If you have a DHCP connection, the settings will be automatic. You can enter the control panel through a browser, for example, Google and you can use the built-in translator.

You can install English on Mi Wi-Fi by downloading an alternative version of the firmware: in the settings menu (3 items on the top left), select “System Status” (the first icon on the right).

Press the first gray button. The system will prompt you to select a folder on your computer to save updates. After that you need to wait until a new firmware is loaded, and then select English in the settings. Now it will work a little easier.

Remember! Resetting the settings will return your router to the factory settings and Chinese.

Wireless network

To configure Wi-Fi, there is a section with an icon, like on smartphones.

Even The Grandmother Will Understand The Setting Of The Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 3 Router

This section comes first. Wireless connection will work on both frequency channels. The 2.4 GHz channel is used by default for all devices. Therefore, in many public places or densely populated areas, it is heavily overloaded, which affects the stability of the connection and speed.

There is also the opportunity to configure a couple of independent networks and include them at will and need. The work is carried out in a dual-band version, i.e. simultaneously at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You can select or use both at once.

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In the settings, it is possible to disconnect from one of the networks. You can choose at what frequency you want to distribute the Internet through wireless access.

Alternative firmware

Detailed instructions for installing Padawan on Windows 10 is waiting for you in the following video:

The router comes with a standard firmware version, but for fans of something to change, there is a good option. This is a special software with which you can control the console for the integrated OS. The main differences from the standard version are stability, excellent speed, and great customization options.

The “left” or alternative firmware can be either from a router of another vendor or independent software. It undergoes comprehensive tests to determine how suitable for different devices of many well-known, as well as new manufacturers. Vivid examples of this support are Padavan and OpenWRT.

Consider the "filling" of the Padavan firmware, which we decided to install instead of the standard software from the Xiaomi manufacturer:

  1. We use a program called Prometheus. It can be downloaded for free at prometheus.freize.net
  2. Next, download the software and select our Mi device.
  1. Then we sequentially execute points in the utility by entering the command number:
  • update scripts;
  • update source code;
  • Build a Toolchain component
  • open script settings;
  • add the IP address, login and password from the SSH host of the router;
  • firmware preparation;
  • firmware assembly;
  • router firmware.

Xiaomi Router 3G equipment will reboot and update with a new IP address – As a result of the firmware, we will get support for the Russian and English languages ​​and great prospects for customization.

Remember that a game with settings can lead to undesirable results, in which the router either does not see the network or is unavailable for management.

The topic was complicated. Maybe something is missing. Write in the comments if you have questions, or have something to tell you about the settings. Always glad to talk! See you soon!