Dota 2 Network Connection – What To Do With This Error

Dota 2 Network Connection - What To Do With This Error

It’s no secret that "Dota 2". This is a game that is in a constant state of development. Naturally, the official release date of the game was already far behind, but the creators are constantly updating their project. They release various add-ons and patches to make corrections, add new heroes, fix bugs and so on. However, it is immediately worth noting that not all errors can be fixed with the patch, so you need to know what to do if you have some difficulties. For example, so many gamers encounter an error "Connect to a Dota 2 network". What to do if you have a similar problem? This is what will be discussed in this article. You will find out what could be the reason for this error and how to fix it.


As you already understood, a lot of players ask for help when they get an error "Connect to a Dota 2 network". What if you have the same problem? There are several reasons for these troubles and, accordingly, several solutions. You need to check them all in order, and then at least one of them will work just for your case. First of all, you need to find out if there was any new add-on or patch that was not downloaded by you. As you can see, a tool that is designed to solve problems can also cause them. How is that? The fact is that an error may occur due to version mismatch. If the update was major, then the game may not start due to the fact that your version is too outdated. And she can not connect to the game, which is already under the conditions of the updated version. Thus, if this is the case, then the problem is solved very simply. you just need to download the necessary update, after which the error should disappear "Connect to a Dota 2 network". What if it doesn’t help? There are several more ways to solve this problem.

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Internet connection

Immediately worth saying that the Internet connection. This is one of the most common causes of errors. "Connect to a Dota 2 network". What if the cause of the problem was not from the side of the game, but from your side? First of all, you need to reconnect the Internet to make sure that it was not a failure. If the connection is established and the game starts, then the problem will no longer occur. But far from always everything is solved so simply. sometimes you’ll even have to call your Internet service provider to find out what your connection status is, ask you to reconnect, or even wait until the problem is fixed. If some problems are observed at the provider, you have no choice but to wait and hope that the troubleshooting will not take too much time, and then you can play Dota 2 again. The network search will be restored immediately after your Internet connection. the connection is normal.


If you play multiplayer computer games, then you should have an idea that the basic information and all the data is not on your computer, but on the game server. It is to him that you connect when you want to play Dota 2. The network search may drag out and freeze due to the fact that you simply connect to the wrong server. After all, they are located in different corners of the globe, so that each user has the opportunity to connect and play. However, the farther from you the server you are connecting to, the worse the connection will be. At the same time, the speed of the game will suffer. So it is highly discouraged to try to connect to those servers that are not designed for your country or are located at a large distance from it. In the game settings you can choose which server to connect to. Try a few closest to you. And this should solve the problem with the game Dota 2. Playing on the network will be much nicer when you find the most efficient server for you.

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Access port

As you already understood, sometimes the server may be unavailable for technical reasons. then you can easily connect to another, and there will be no problems. However, sometimes the problem can be very close, but at the same time it will be impossible to solve it in this way. It happens that the recovery with the Dota 2 network does not occur for the reason that you have a closed access port to the server. That is, the server itself is functioning, but you cannot connect to it. Most often this occurs due to various protection programs, such as antivirus and firewall. You need to try to disconnect them while downloading and connecting, or add "Dotu" exceptions, so that the program does not perceive this game as something trying to conduct a dangerous operation. And if you do not have a network in Dota 2, then the problem may be just in the access port, so be sure to check this item. Sometimes you even have to write technical support, since the port is not always closed on your part.

Game Cache Integrity Check

Also, do not forget to check the integrity of the game cache, since this can be a problem not only in "Dota", but also in any other game. You just need to run the check, and if the game lacks any important files, then they will be automatically downloaded. So you can solve a lot of problems, including network troubles in "Dota".

Reinstalling the game

The last step should be applied only if all the previous ones did not help you. You need to completely remove the game and reinstall it. Then she must earn money.