Disable – Find Iphone – In Two Ways

Disable - Find Iphone - In Two Ways

For example, your Apple iPhone is disconnected: the system does not turn on, pressing the buttons does not help, it does not work to activate the phone through the computer. A specialist working in a service center refuses to repair the device to the user, arguing such an act by the fact that a function called “find iPhone” is activated on the phone, and it, in turn, will have to be deactivated in advance.

In this article you will learn how to disable this feature. Disabling can be done in several useful ways.

In fact, the presence of this function is only a plus, because thanks to it, it becomes possible to exercise control over a device running iOS that was stolen from the user or lost. It can be blocked, it is also possible to send a text message, play sound, uninstall personal data so that attackers could not use it.

Launch lock is a powerful tool that does not allow the activation of a device after a recovery or update of the main firmware has occurred. The process will be carried out only when a person uses the "native" password and Apple ID.

At first glance, these mechanisms are intended to provide reliable protection to devices running the iOS operating system from possible theft, as well as the use of personal data in an unauthorized form. However, quite often there are situations when even for legitimate owners the application can begin to create serious problems.

If you ask the representatives of the service center for help, the representative of the center may ask you to turn off the function so that after the recovery process, which is extremely necessary in frequent cases, the startup block does not make the device, as they say, a “brick”.

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Deactivation Methods

We would like to demonstrate three main ways that will help you understand how to disable the Find iPhone feature.

  1. Deactivation of the function when switching to the iPhone settings. (two additional ways);
  2. Through the application on the device running iOS, which can be downloaded for free;
  3. Using a computer (Windows software, Mac OS software), a tablet or a smartphone (a device running an Android system can be used). Disconnection ends when you go to the Find an iPhone online application.

To deactivate a protective function, it is necessary that the mobile application on which the deactivation is to take place has a connection to the network functions.

Deactivating the security function when using a mobile device

Disable - Find Iphone - In Two Ways
  1. Having entered the settings menu on a mobile device, the user must make the transition to the iCloud service options.
  2. Deactivate the Find iPhone switch.
  3. Next, you must enter the ID and password. Without a password, the user cannot complete the whole process. If a person has forgotten the password, then it will have to be restored by resetting the data to an electronic mailbox.
  4. After the actions taken, the protective function will be deactivated.

Using pc

  1. Using your computer, you must go to the browser, and then go to the official iCloud page. After the transition you will have to log in (enter the “id” data and password).
  2. In the navigation type menu, you have to go to “All devices”, and then select your device.
  3. Next, you will have to erase all unnecessary data, and then confirm the request.
  4. Enter the password that applies to your “ID”, scroll through all the windows and click on the “Finish” button.
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Now you know how you can disable the find iPhone function.