Detailed Instructions For Remote Control Android

Detailed Instructions For Remote Control Android

Android Remote Control allows you to interact with the phone at a distance, moreover, there are free programs for establishing communication with the smartphone. In this case, you can not do without additional software.

Android Remote Control from Computer – AirDroid

This program has great functionality, makes it possible to transfer files from the phone to the computer and vice versa, but to work you need a constant connection to the Internet. The utility has the following features:

  • functions are provided free of charge;
  • work with contacts, delete them and record new ones;
  • Download and uninstall data
  • View the list of downloaded programs, install them or remove them, as well as transfer apk files to a computer;
  • view all data existing on the phone;
  • upload pictures, music, etc .;
  • make screenshots in real time.

The phone screen is broadcast on a computer. The program is quite easy to use. To get started, you must take the following steps:

  1. We go to "" and start an account.
  2. Download and open the utility on the gadget.
  3. We are writing a login with a password.
  4. We enter the personal account, then we control the smartphone.

For stable operation, the application must be running and open on the gadget, do not forget to also check the Internet connection, since without this the program will not work. Advertising is found here, but there are few of them, respectively, which does not provoke any particular inconvenience. The utility interface has been translated into Russian.

  • the ability to transfer any format data;
  • works at high speed;
  • has a large number of tools;
  • notifies about SMS, calls and programs from the desktop;
  • controls the phone in real time from a PC.
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Team viewer

The program gives remote access to the gadget. To install the utility, you need to download it to your computer and phone. Further:

  1. Install and agree to download additional extensions.
  2. Click "Open" and wait for the utility to start.
  3. A window is displayed in which the gadget ID number is written, we remember it, since the key must be entered in the program on the computer.
  4. In the application on the computer, write the ID that you remember.

The application is installed in all operating systems and supports a secure connection to control the gadget. The utility can:

  • work with files;
  • select the destination folder;
  • works with programs;
  • the screen is broadcast on the monitor;
  • View system status data
  • Transfer files of any size.

ISL Light

This is a program that allows you to control the device at a distance, overcoming any distance and directly connecting to the gadget. This utility is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Features of ISL Light:

  • takes screenshots;
  • allows you to send and receive SMS;
  • Uninstalls and installs applications.
Detailed Instructions For Remote Control Android

Android Mobizen Program

The program is popular among users due to its main advantage – the quick transfer of photos, videos, pictures that are on a remote device.

  • transfers files;
  • makes screenshots;
  • saves pictures of the remote device with the click of a button.

LogMeIn program

The utility is supported on almost all smartphone models. It has an intuitive interface. The program has a parameter called Click2Fix, thanks to it the computer instantly receives information about the remote gadget, and also determines the problem with the smartphone.

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The application can configure the system parameters of the smartphone, quickly and without unnecessary difficulties. The software interface has a lot of useful functions, but at the same time it remains accessible for understanding.

Connection via embedded services

Many gadgets already have integrated services that help you remotely control from your PC. Effective management tool – Google services. They can:

  • determine where the phone is;
  • make calls even when the gadget is off;
  • block data in case of loss or theft;
  • restart the system;
  • turn off the smartphone if necessary.

To connect this service you need:

  • Go to the "Google Settings".
  • We find and open the "Security".
  • We put a check mark next to "Remote device search."
  • We include location.
  • Enter the password for the profile.

Now we know how to remotely control the phone from a distance and what is needed for this. First of all, we select the necessary application that will meet the task and the stated criteria. After that, you can proceed directly to using all the functions and parameters that remote access provides us with.

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