Connecting The Router To The Tv

Connecting The Router To The Tv

We know that a router is a device that provides access to the Internet to computers and mobile devices. This has been a long time, but now the scope of routers has expanded. For some time now, televisions have also been connected to them. What for? We will talk about this in this article.

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV is smart TV. Which is actually not television at all. it A set of additional features that expand the functions of your TV:

  • A complete replacement for on-air television. By connecting the TV to the Internet, you can watch movies and programs from any resources at any time, of which there are many on the network.
  • You can watch videos from YouTube and social networks right on it.
  • A wireless mouse, keyboard and webcam will turn it into a PC analog.

Open Facebook and Vkontakte directly from the TV! Chat on Skype on the big screen! All this is Smart TV.

Choice of a router

Smart TV features most modern TVs. But to take advantage of its capabilities, you will need to connect the TV to the Internet. And for this you need a router. Some users think that Smart TV needs some kind of special router, with additional bells and whistles, without which smart TV will not work. This is not true.

The TV connects to the network in the same way as any other device – via cable or via Wi-Fi. And he does not care how and through which devices to establish a connection to the Internet. Therefore, if you already have a router at home and you are thinking about buying a TV with the Smart TV function, no additional devices will be needed. Connect the TV to your device and enjoy.

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If you do not have a router, you can purchase any.


By cable

You can connect the Internet to the TV via cable directly, but it will only work if your provider does not use a connection such as PPPoE or L2TP. We will not consider a direct connection here, but right away we will move on to setting up Smart TV via a router. As an example, let’s connect Samsung TVs with Smart TV to the Internet through a router via a LAN cable. For all models, the procedure is almost identical. For other manufacturers, the Internet connection is configured in a similar way.

Wiring diagram

We connect one end of the cable to any free LAN port on the router, and connect the other to the network connector on the TV. It is located on the rear panel and looks exactly like a network card slot on a computer.


Now on tv open the menu and look for the item "Network Settings" there (on most models, the path looks like this: “Settings” – “Network” – “Open network settings”). If connected via cable, a message appears that the cable is connected. You just need to click on the "Start" submenu that opens. Everything, you can use Smart TV.

You may need to first select a connection method in your TV model. In this case, “Cable”. And click "Next." If you are using a static IP address, you must enter it using the on-screen keyboard at this point. If your router automatically distributes addresses, the TV will immediately connect to the Internet.

By wifi

Wireless connection has the main advantage – no need to entangle the apartment with a web of wires to connect multiple devices. If you want to use this particular method, choose a TV equipped with a Wi-Fi module. If there is none, optional external USB adapter. Just check if it is compatible with your TV model.

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We assume that your router is configured, the Internet is working and there are no problems connecting client devices. On the TV, we are looking for the same menu item "Network Settings", as described in the cable connection. Since the cable is not connected, you will be prompted to configure the connection by clicking the "Next" button. We select the “Wireless Network” connection method and wait until the available wi-fi connections are found.

From this list, select your own and use the on-screen keyboard to enter the password. If you have DHCP configured, the TV will connect to the Internet. If you use static IP addresses, you will have to specify the address manually.

It is also possible on some devices to connect via WPS.

Through the prefix

Why such difficulties? – you ask. After all, the prefix is ​​an unnecessary device in the combination of “TV – Router – Internet”. Yes that’s right. But only if your TV has a built-in Smart TV function. And if you have an old model, but you want to try smart TV? Or your functionality does not suit you? After all, as a rule, budget models have a minimal set of functions, and they do not always work well.

You can turn an ordinary TV into a smart one using a Smart set-top box. The main thing is to be able to connect it. The set-top box connects to the TV via the HDMI port. On the TV, you need to specify the HDMI port as the signal source. The set-top box itself is connected to the router via cable or via Wi-Fi.

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Wiring diagram

Below is a diagram in which a router with a TV set-top box is connected via an Ehternet cable. It is also possible to organize this connection via Wi-Fi.

After you have connected the set-top box to the TV, an image should appear on the screen. The consoles are running the Android operating system with a special shell optimized for TVs.

Now you can use Smart TV even if this function is not available on your TV.

Connecting a TV to a computer or phone through a router

Smart TVs or DLNA-compatible TVs can play video files from your computer’s hard drive. However, for this it is necessary to connect the TV to the computer via a router via LAN cable or Wi-Fi and make some settings. We considered connecting the TV to the network in the previous paragraphs. With the connection of the PC you will probably have no problems. Now it remains only to open access to the necessary folders on the computer. A list of media files is displayed on the TV in the corresponding section of the menu.

In the same way, you can connect your Android smartphone or tablet to the TV using a router. Both devices must be connected to the same network. You can play media files from a smartphone on a TV.


Finally, a small remark. We examined various ways to connect the TV to the Internet through a router. They all work, but not always equally well.

In this case, it is better to use a cable connection – it will provide stable data transfer.