Connect To A Tv And Set Up Apple Tv

Questions on how to properly connect the Apple TV to the TV and set up the console are of interest to more and more users. Although in reality it is not so difficult to synchronize these two devices. American Apple products feature convenient and intuitive user interfaces that allow you to quickly connect and configure equipment. These specifications apply to Apple TV.

What is it and what opportunities does it provide

This is a universal gadget from the "apple" corporation, which extends the capabilities of the TV. Using it you can:

  • create home multimedia center, by connecting all available gadgets of this company to one network;
  • Take full advantage of the iTunes media player developed by Apple.
  • access from your TV screen to high-quality high-resolution video content, which is located on special resources;
  • Get access to music tracks, trailers, video games, podcasts;
  • Watch sports online broadcasts;
  • display information from your gadgets and devices running on Mac OS and Windows operating systems on a TV screen.

Four generations of multimedia player are available to users today. Apple Tv. In the first generation, the device was released with Mac OS X Tige adapted for it. Starting from the second version, the device works on the basis of iOS.

Owners of prefixes of the second and third generation can play content only in streaming mode. The fact is that these devices are not endowed with a capacious drive. The Apple A5 processor and 8 GB of flash memory can only be used as an intermediate stream data storage. But thanks to this, Apple TV’s capabilities are quite good – the player allows you to play videos from the iTunes multimedia collection with HD and Full HD resolution and multi-channel sound without delays. The latest version of the device already has 32 and 64 GB of internal memory, depending on the model. In addition, the fourth-generation Apple TV has access to applications from The app Store and support for an interactive voice control system (Siri).

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Connected to the TV, the Apple TV media player with built-in Wi-Fi adapter makes it possible to expand Smart-functionality.

To have access to the multimedia library of an iPhone, tablet or PC via a TV screen, it is enough to install software on them and synchronize with TV. Management is done through the remote control included with Apple TV or through gadgets running on iOS 7.

How to connect a set-top box to a TV

To plug Apple Tv You can only to the TV, which has a jack for HDMI-cable or WiFi. In the absence of such opportunities, connecting the console to the TV does not work. To have access to all the features of the gadget, it is best to use a wired connection. If connected via Wi-Fi, the user will not have the iTunes function.

To connect you will need:

Connect To A Tv And Set Up Apple Tv
  • Kit with Apple TV
  • TV with HDMI;
  • HDMI cable (sold separately);
  • personal internet connection (router).

Using an HDMI cable, the Apple TV set-top box connects to the TV. If the connection to the router will be made through Ethernet-cable, then it is also inserted into the device. At this stage, the connection is completed. Now it remains to configure the equipment.

Apple TV setup guide

  1. Turns on the power of the set-top box and TV. If the wired connection was made correctly, appears on the TV screen setup window new equipment.
  2. The Apple TV remote control is connected. To do this, just click on touch pad (simulating a mouse click).
  3. Initial setup is made through the connected control panel: the language, region is set, the Siri function is activated if necessary (in the fourth-generation set-top box), the password for Wi-Fi is entered.
  4. After connecting to the Internet, you can activate your Accounts on services like iTunes.
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This completes the connection of the Apple TV device to the TV and the setup of the equipment. Now the user can download and view multimedia content from their devices and through the available services directly on the TV screen. Fans of "apple" products may also need information on how to connect an Iphone or Ipad to a TV – all gadgets are quite easily synchronized with TV. You can also easily watch videos from your phone on the big screen, you just need to know how to output video from an iPhone to a TV.