Configuring A Windows 10 Lan Via A Router Or Between Two Computers

Configuring A Windows 10 Lan Via A Router Or Between Two Computers

It is no secret that many connected two PCs with XP through a regular cord or via Wi-Fi modems, but the LAN setup in the Windows 10 operating system has changed, and significantly. Still, a home network is possible. Almost every house now has a router, because there are several computers, and we will see how the settings are set in this case. Before creating connections, we ping the connection, and then find out what is needed to successfully complete this procedure. Because many already at this step will solve all their problems.

The topic of today’s review is not just setting up a network in Windows 10, but providing interaction between two PCs. Although, with the development and cheapening of providers’ services, it is becoming more profitable to upload files to network storages instead of transferring data over a local network. The very concept of LAN is out of fashion. When we even play, we are now not in Diabolo on pirates, but in CS (sometimes, however, with bots). A configured pool of PCs is also bad because hackers can detect it. And we don’t need it at all.

Before starting work

It is widely recognized that Windows is one of the worst networking platforms. Therefore, try to act as close as possible to the regulatory framework. For example, call a workgroup WorkGroup. We somehow didn’t even see the PC itself because of that – no, it’s for chickens to laugh – that one of the shared folders … was empty. Following this, the laptop disappeared from the field of view of the entire group. And when we wrote the text in an empty folder, he still saw himself, but did not appear in the field of view of the rest of the network.

Hackers call the product Microsoft, only MustDie, which is translated from English as having no right to exist. But all these features are not important to us. Instead, it will try to set up the network because the bad dancer is all uneven. And one more note: it is easiest to connect Home versions of Windows to each other. Why? But Pro is for smart people, let them smash their heads!

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Pinging allows you to establish that in a certain way the configured subscriber is ready to communicate via a working cable. In this case, the operation is successfully performed when access to files and folders over the network is enabled. Let’s check:

  1. Win I.
  2. We go online.
  3. Choose Ethernet.
  4. Click on the link Advanced …
  5. For the guest network, we enable file and printer sharing. Without this, the PC will not be available.
  6. We perform all the settings, as mentioned above, and check (via ping) again.

Now you can move on … The cable is fine.

PC name and group

On Windows 10, the requirements of previous generations are preserved. However, we do not agree that, as before, PCs should belong to the same group. Here is a screen from the first:

The names of the working groups do not match. So, nonsense – that you must necessarily edit the names. But this can be done for reasons of performing more actions or compliance with pro forma.

Create folders for access

Creating folders is therefore still good because in the process, the OS itself knows how to configure, and automatically installs as it should.

  1. Click Network …
  2. We follow the instructions of the system, select the LAN. And what, you can get out into the global? Yes. But sometimes you see homemates here.
  3. Click, and immediately the result appears.
  4. This PC is configured, but does not see the folder from the second. This is because sharing is not set up yet. Which shows us the inadequacy of the ping procedure alone, which simply evaluates the quality of the wires.
  5. We look at what has changed on one PC, and we do the same on another.

Now everything will work out. The thing is done, and there is no need to reboot anything. Here is a screen from one of the PCs located on the local network. Even two screens.

  1. General view of the network folder.
  2. The file on the second PC (we numbered them so as not to get confused).

So, if that doesn’t work out, write to Billy Gates personally and tell us everything about the fact that his OS is called Mastdayka, but – “shhh …!” – not a word about us. Even virtual PCs (and with real ones) can be combined into a network without problems. This is the easiest way to transfer a large amount of information:

  1. Between two virtual PCs.
  2. Between a real and a virtual PC.
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They ask me for a password …

In the visibility settings, at the very bottom there is an option where you need to disable password sharing (Win I, Networks, Ethernet, Change advanced settings …). Here is a screen for those who cannot find it themselves.

After that, they will no longer ask for the password.

Via wifi

Frankly, we don’t know what exactly to write in this section:

  1. Turn on the power of the router.
  2. Through the local address (usually go to the device’s home page.
  3. Enter the admin username and password.
  4. Start distributing Wi-Fi and write down its password.
  5. Connect using wireless adapters to the router.
  6. Do everything else exactly the same.

That is, it makes no difference to configure Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Configuring A Windows 10 Lan Via A Router Or Between Two Computers

How to share a folder

  1. Press Win E to launch Explorer.
  2. Find the desired folder.
  3. Click it with the right mouse button.
  4. Select Properties and go to the Access tab.
  5. Click there button where it says what you need …
  6. Write All in the settings, as shown in the screenshot.

2 pc cable

  1. Win I.
  2. Network.
  3. Ethernet
  4. Configure adapter settings.
  5. We follow the link, right-click the desired Ethernet adapter, go to the settings.
  6. We are interested in the properties of the TCP / IP4 protocol.
  7. For both PCs we set addresses from one subnet.
  8. For the second, you can dial

The patch cord cable should not be the usual one that we connect to the router, but the cross. Then you should configure the local network as shown above. The peculiarity is that usually a router assigns IP addresses. But since we discarded him, we had to do this work on our own. Connection is carried out in the same manner (setting folders, network visibility, and so on).

Using the wireless protocol, it is now impossible to create a local network. But you can try to configure the access point and connect to it. This is quite real, albeit for a long time. We have a separate review on this subject.

So, we talked about creating a grid, how to connect a PC and how to set up. You have a card. This refers to our site! Use on health.

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after the item with ping, then everything was different and could not be configured. There are no such options and it is not clear from this article how to create a folder as a result

Thanks for the article, the help ended on the first sentence, uploaded everything to the One Drive NAS, it works like clockwork, like on a computer.

Everything is beautiful! All clear! I’ve been working as a user for 20 years, I set up networks from XP hundreds of times and now I got to windows 10. And the minimum settings in this Windows are from Bill. BUT does not work and full kapets. A Samsung laptop with Windows 7 sees itself and a second Lenovo laptop with Windows 10, all on the Samsung laptop screen. And just like that, Lenovo itself and Samsung’s laptop are visible on the Lenovo laptop screen. But when you enter each other through the Wi-Fi router, a window pops up with the name NETWORK ERROR: Windows cannot access … and the path to the laptop is indicated and vice versa the same.

And so, hello. There are three computers on the network. All are worth a dozen. One is on continuously, two are periodically turned off. Well, the whole network environment is displayed only on a constantly-on computer, on two other computers in the NETWORK tab there are no computers on the network, they don’t even see themselves. All of the above described in the article is done, and by the way the computers respond to each other. All are connected through a router with “wires”. And yet, after rebooting the router, with the computers turned on, the network starts to work fully.

Hello! Did everything as it is written. There is a computer and a laptop. Wi-Fi connection. on both Windows 10 devices. As a result, it turns out to go from the computer to the laptop, but the computer does not see the laptop. There is no “home group connection” item on the computer. There is on the laptop.
On the computer is Avast Internet Security, I turned it off, no use.

Please tell me how to configure the computer correctly so that it can be seen from the network?