Configuring A Router From A Tablet And Phone

Configuring A Router From A Tablet And Phone

What if you bought a Wi-Fi router in order to surf the Internet from your mobile device, but you don’t have a computer or laptop to configure it? At the same time, any instruction begins with the fact that you need to do this in Windows and click this, start the browser and so on.

In fact, the router can be easily configured from an Android tablet and iPad or phone – also on Android or Apple iPhone. However, this can be done from any other device where there is a screen, the ability to connect via Wi-Fi and a browser. At the same time, there will be no special differences when configuring the router from a mobile device, and I will describe all the nuances that are worth arming in this article.

How to set up a Wi-Fi router if there is only a tablet or phone

On the Internet you will find many detailed guides on setting up different models of wireless routers for different Internet service providers. For example, on my site, in the section Setting up the router.

Find the instruction that suits you, connect the provider’s cable to the router and plug it into a power outlet, then turn on Wi-Fi on your mobile device and go to the list of available wireless networks.

Connect to a router via Wi-Fi from your phone

In the list you will see an open network with a name corresponding to the brand of your router – D-Link, ASUS, TP-Link, Zyxel or another. Connect to it, no password is required (and if necessary, reset the router to the factory settings, for this they have a Reset button that needs to be kept in the region of 30 seconds).

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Asus router settings page on the phone and D-Link on the tablet

Follow all the steps to configure the Internet connection of the provider, as described in the instructions (which you found earlier), that is, launch a browser on the tablet or phone, go to the address or, enter the login and password, configure the WAN connection with the right type: L2TP for Beeline, PPPoE for Rostelecom, and some others.

Save the connection settings, but do not configure wireless name settings yet SSID and password on Wi-Fi. If you entered all the settings correctly, then after a short period of time, the router will establish a connection to the Internet, and you can open a website on your device or view mail without resorting to a mobile connection.

If everything worked, go to the Wi-Fi security setting.

Configuring A Router From A Tablet And Phone

It is important to know when changing wireless settings over a Wi-Fi connection

You can change the name of the wireless network, as well as set the password for Wi-Fi, as described in the instructions for setting up the router from a computer.

However, there is one caveat to be aware of: every time you change any wireless parameter in the settings of the router, change its name to your own, set a password, the connection with the router will be interrupted and in the tablet and phone browser it may look like an error when you open the page, it may seem that the router freezes.

This happens for the reason that at the moment of changing the settings, the network to which your mobile device was connected disappears and a new one appears – with a different name or protection settings. At the same time, the settings in the router are saved, nothing hangs.

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Accordingly, after the connection is disconnected, you should reconnect to the already new Wi-Fi network, go back to the settings of the router and make sure that everything is saved or confirm the save (the latter on D-Link). If, after changing the settings, the device does not want to connect, in the “Forget” connection list, this connection (usually you can call up the menu for such an action by long pressing and delete this network), then re-find the network and connect.