Configure Zte Router

Configure Zte Router

ZTE F660 is a router that uses GPON technology to connect to the Internet. In addition to the standard Internet distribution functions for devices connected to the router via cable or via Wi-Fi, the ZTE router is able to provide its owners with IP telephony and provides the ability to create local WEB servers.

From other routers purchased for home use, the ZTE F660 features advanced xPON communications. Another important feature of the router is the device is multifunctional. In addition to the standard four PJ-45 ports and the ability to connect clients via Wi-Fi, the device has the ability to connect electronic USB 2.0 media and devices via IPTV.

Characteristics and features of the device

  • Frequency – 2.4 GHz
  • Wi-Fi data transfer speeds of 300 Mbps
  • Implemented technical support for 4 SSIDs with a one-time connection of 128 users to each network
  • Support for WPS mode to increase the Wi-Fi coverage of other switches.

On the back of the router are located:

  • Buttons for managing WLAN and WPS functions
  • One port for connecting USB devices
  • POTS connectors (2 pcs.)
  • Ports for connecting LAN (4 pcs.)
  • To reset the ONT ZTE ZXHN F660 optical modem to factory settings, the RESET button located in the recess of the case is on the back side.
  • Connector for the power supply unit.
  • Button to turn on and off
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How to connect a router

After installing and turning on the router, it is necessary to configure this equipment for full use.

  1. Connect the fiber optic cable to the outlet and to the socket on the router.
  2. Connect the LAN cable to the network card of a computer or laptop. Connect the other end of the cable to any LAN-connector of the router router.
  3. Verify that the LAN activity indicator is on.
Configure Zte Router

After setting up a wired connection, you need to configure access via Wi-Fi.

Step-by-step configuration of the MGTS GPON ZTE F660 router

  1. in the address bar of the browser, type the ip address "
  2. on the router settings page, enter: login – “admin”, password – “admin”.
  3. If the services of providing the router are carried out using the MGTS provider, try entering “mgts” in the login line and “mtsoao” in the password line.
  4. After identification, in the window that opens, you can see the technical characteristics of the router: model, serial number, firmware version, device chip version, as well as the password of the router.
  5. To connect wireless access via Wi-Fi, you need to go to the “Network” tab, located at the top. Next, open the “WLAN” submenu in the left part of the window, and find the “Basic” subsection.
  6. In the first column “Wireless RF Mode” set the value “Enabled”
  7. In the line “mode” select “Mixed (802.11b)”
  8. Region – Russia
  9. The line "Chanel" – mode "Auto".
  10. In “Transmitting power” select “100%”.
  11. Press the button to save the entered settings – “Submit”.
  12. Next, open the submenu “Multi-SSID Settings” (Fig. 3)
  13. In the line “SSID Name” you need to think up and enter the name of the network, then click the “Submit” button.
  14. Open the “Security” submenu and insert the following values:
  15. Enter in the line “WPA Passphrase” a previously invented password, which will be the network key. To ensure network security and avoid unauthorized access, the password must contain at least 8-10 characters of the Latin alphabet, it is desirable to use both upper and lower case characters, as well as numbers.
  16. To save, click on the “Submit” button.
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If all these steps are performed correctly, and the device is in working condition, you can connect various devices to Wi-Fi access.

If you decide to return your router to the factory settings, you need to reset the user settings as follows:

  • With the router turned on, you must hold down the Reset button for 30 seconds
  • Continuing to hold the button, disconnect the power from the network, and hold the button for another 30 seconds.
  • Reconnect the device to the network, and hold the button pressed for another 30 seconds.

If everything is done correctly, the router should return to the factory settings.

How to download and install firmware on a router

If errors appear on the router, for example, when Wi-Fi is turned off regularly, for no apparent reason, the router can be reflashed. But this is done at your own peril and risk, since the factory warranty is lost. Under the MGTS agreement, the router belongs to the provider company, and not to the user. And in case of unsuccessful firmware, the user will have to pay the cost of the router.

In order to upgrade the router, you need to download the official version from the site of the manufacturer of equipment ZTE, or contact MGTS technical support.