Compare Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 Tablets

Compare Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 Tablets

I remember very well the birth of the segment of compact tablets on Android: the first Galaxy Tab, HTC Flyer and a bunch of Chinese with terrible screens and assembly. Nevertheless, the potential buyer had no choice, because Steve Jobs did not even want to look towards compact tablets. After the release of the first iPad with a Retina display, I could only once again complain about the lack of a compact version with the same wonderful display. But when Apple did decide to release the first iPad mini, my disappointment knew no bounds, because the company installed a display with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels! Of course, next year the situation was corrected and I still consider the iPad mini 2 one of the most successful models. The third generation, in my opinion, is passing, it could be safely called iPad mini 2s, but the latest iPad mini 4 is a miracle how good. But the market for Android tablets also did not stand still: screen resolutions, battery life, speed and stability of firmware grew, in general, now the choice between Android and iOS tablets is not as obvious as two or three years ago. It will be even more interesting to compare the two best compact tablets of the end of 2015.


Appearance, body materials

Let’s start with the design of the iPad mini 4. Three different body colors are available for the user: silver, dark gray and gold, I personally recommend the silver model to everyone, it reminds me of a MacBook’s and company and looks best. However, lovers of traditional strictly black will appreciate the dark gray case. You can’t say much about the design of tablets, most of them have rounded edges, most of the front side is occupied by the display, so manufacturers only have a back cover for “games with appearance”. Apple traditionally uses aluminum for its manufacture: it looks practical and cool, it’s not for nothing that some companies copy this approach.

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The case in the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 is made of matte plastic with a soft-touch coating. Unlike most devices that use similar plastic, the S2 8.0 doesn’t get so dirty on the case, and the fingerprints themselves are less noticeable. I had a black model on my hands, it has a calm design without elaborate elements, which, in my opinion, is a plus.

In terms of appearance, there is a slight advantage on the side of the iPad mini, and aluminum is still more practical than plastic with soft-touch coating, but this does not mean that the Tab S2 is much worse in materials or design.

Both devices are equipped with high-quality stereo speakers with an excellent margin in volume. In my opinion, in iPad mini 4 more emphasis is on the voice of the artist, and in Tab S2 on the instrumental part.

Control elements

Compare Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 Tablets

Now I will not consider the power buttons and volume rocker, but focus only on the central button below the screen (and the two touch buttons next to it in Tab S2). D of both tablets, fingerprint scanners that work with / – the same speed are inscribed in the central button. A small plus of the iPad mini scanner is its integration into the system and the ability to access it with third-party applications, it is very convenient for the same 1Password, unfortunately, this control has not been unified in Android yet.

On the Galaxy Tab S2, two touch buttons are located on the sides of the center key: the “latest apps” and “back”. This is a double edged sword. On the one hand, the rejection of on-screen buttons in favor of the touch screen allows you to increase the useful screen area, and on the other hand, when using the tablet in a horizontal orientation, you will touch the touch buttons with your thumb, and this is a big minus, which Samsung does not pay year after year attention.

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In iPad mini 4, the lack of touch keys allows you to easily hold it in any orientation, the chance to accidentally click on a physical button is much lower than on a touch.