Checking Iphone By Imei

Checking Iphone By Imei

When buying an iPhone that was previously in use, you need to know how to check it using IMEI. This is a special device identification number confirming its authenticity and originality. After checking, you can find out a lot of information about the phone, for example: the date of its purchase and activation, whether it is restored, the version of its OS and much more. How to do it? The following are a few basic and proven methods.

How to learn IMEI on iPhone

There are 4 main ways to do this. Let’s consider them in more detail.

  1. For the first option, enter # 06 # in the dialing line. The phone will automatically perform the combination and the IMEI code will be displayed in the window that appears.
  1. Go to the settings menu and open “General” – “About this device”. An information panel will open where the IMEI code, model and other individual data will be registered.
  1. On the back of the factory box. In addition to the IMEI code, on the back there is a serial number of the device and brief information about it.
  1. Take a look at the back cover of the phone.

IMEI information is required to verify iPhone activation lock. If it is activated, the new owner will not be able to enter their data and fully use the device. Using the check, you can verify that the iPhone is really new and has not been used before. If the phone is bought by hand, then you will definitely know the date of its initial activation.

Compare the code on the box and phone

First of all, after the iPhone fell into your hands, you need to compare the information indicated on the box and in the device settings. If all the numbers, including IMEI, serial number and model, are the same, then you can proceed to the next step of the check. If differences are noticed, then this indicates that the box is “non-native” and is taken from another device.

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Attention! Do not purchase an iPhone if the IMEI code on the box does not match what is specified in the device’s settings.

In this case, you should think about the origin of the device and the reasons why you are trying to slip a completely different box. There may be a variety of options, for example, the iPhone has stolen the real owner or he lost it, and an outsider is trying to sell the item that was found or stolen. In this case, the real owner will contact the police and the device will be wanted. This situation can bring you a lot of trouble, so avoid such dubious deals.

Validation through Apple official website

There are many diverse services for checking IMEI, but first of all, refer to the official site. There you are guaranteed to receive reliable and free information. This instruction will not cause difficulties if you follow the step by step guide:

  1. We learn the IMEI code of the device. How to do this is described above.
  2. We open the corresponding section on the Apple website for verification – In the space provided for the column, we enter the IMEI that we learned earlier, and a special code for checking for spam. Click Continue.
  1. We study the data obtained. Under the iPhone image, its model and IMEI number are displayed.

The first paragraph indicates information about the actual date of purchase.

Attention! It is important that in the first paragraph there was a green tick. If this parameter is not present, then your device is not original and has nothing to do with Apple.

The following is a notification of the technical support deadlines for the device. If there is an orange exclamation mark to the left of the inscription, then the warranty period of the phone has expired and the device is not subject to factory service and telephone support. The third paragraph stipulates the possibility of repairing the phone at official service centers.

Thus, you received reliable information from the official Apple website about the originality of the device, as well as the timing of its maintenance and support. You can also make sure that the case has not changed, since the color on the site and "in real life" will be different.

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Using this instruction, absolutely all Apple devices are checked, including iPad, iMac, MacBook, iPod, etc.

Enter the code on the International Mobile Equipment Identity website

This resource is no less popular than the official Apple website and provides the same reliable information, but in great detail. Consider the step by step instructions.

  1. On the main page in the corresponding column, enter the IMEI code. Below we go through a quick check by clicking on the “I’m not a Robot” mark. Click the “Check” button to the right of the entered code.
  1. After that, detailed information about the device will be displayed on the monitor screen. You can find out the phone model, year of manufacture and other technical parameters. If this information is not enough, click on the Read button to get more data.

Both of the above methods are reliable.

Attention! To get a complete package of information about the device, we recommend using several IMEI verification services.

Let’s look at some more popular ways to check iPhone using IMEI code. All described web resources may differ in the amount and amount of information provided.

International mobile phone verification service SNDeepInfo

For more detailed information about the device, there is another popular service – SNDeepinfo. If the result is not displayed when entering the serial number, you should think about the originality of the gadget and postpone its purchase. Consider the step by step instructions:

  1. Check that the column "Apple" is highlighted in the panel above the input line of the IMEI code. Next, enter the personal gadget code in the corresponding line and put a check mark in front of the inscription "I’m not a robot." This is a standard spam check. Click the “Continue” button.
  1. At the top of the page, a picture in the style of a warranty sticker will be displayed. On it is written the model of the phone, its IMEI, as well as data on whether it is stolen.
Checking Iphone By Imei

On a free basis, this service provides information on the technical characteristics of the device, decryption of the IMEI code, color and the originally intended region of sale.

To find out which countries the iPhone is adapted for, you need to enter the letters of the phone model on the same site, as shown in the screenshot below.

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In order to find out the phone model, you need to go to “Settings” – “Basic” – “About this device”. In the menu that appears, there will be a corresponding line “Model”. Only two penultimate letters need to be entered on the site (circled in the screenshot below).

Enter the data and get the following result:

For a fee, on the same service, you can find out additional information about your iPhone:

  • country of purchase;
  • name of the organization that executed the sale;
  • Estimated and recorded date of purchase of the device;
  • information about the status of the “Find my iPhone” function;
  • iCloud information.

The cost of this information package is 1 USD. There are several more “tariffs” that differ in the amount of data provided. More details can be found in the corresponding section on the SNDeepinfo website.

Smartphone back cover authentication

The authenticity of the apple gadget can be determined by the first external signs. Immediately pay attention to the back cover of the device. In all models, starting with the iPhone 5, IMEI code is written on the cover. In older versions, serial number information is applied to the SIM card slot.

There are 3 more main factors, based on which we can draw conclusions about the originality of the iPhone. You just need to look at the back cover.

  1. There should not be any curves and blurry inscriptions, hieroglyphs, typos and other things. All letters are made very carefully and accurately. If you see that the words on the back cover are uneven or sloppy, then most likely you are holding a replica.
  2. Mandatory cover inscription: iPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China. Next is the phone model and certification mark.
  3. The lid cannot be removed simply by hand. On the original device, it will in any case be fixed with bolts or it will be completely non-removable.

Attention! Even if by all external signs the iPhone seems original, do not forget to check its IMEI code on the relevant sites.


  • Apple official website;
  • IMEI website;
  • SNDeepinfo service;
  • External inspection of the back cover.

Video instruction

This video describes some methods that will help you get detailed information about the originality and condition of your Apple device.