Check Iphone By Imei

Check Iphone By Imei

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On this page you can check IMEI iPhone.

If, as a result of the check, “SIM / LOCKED” is indicated in the “SIM Lock” field, then your iPhone is tied to a foreign telecom operator and does not have support for working with your SIM card. In order for such an iPhone to start working with any SIM card in any country in the world, you need to unlock your iPhone.

The checker is intended to check iPhone / iPad.. With it you can punch iPhone by IMEI. Phones from other manufacturers cannot be verified.

In order to check the status of your phone (Blocked / Unlocked) you must enter the IMEI number (15 digits).

This request is processed automatically on the Apple activation server.

To find out IMEI iPhone dial # 06 # or go to “Settings – General – About this device”. IMEI is entered without spaces.

Correct IMEI Example: 013031002443984

At the moment there are problems with the Apple server, the checker may not work correctly!

If you were unable to verify your IMEI through the verification form Above, then your phone can only be checked with a paid checker. The cost of the service is only 150 rubles, after which you can get the necessary information!

The duration of the check depends on the workload of a specialist. support and ranges from 5 minutes to 24 hours.

To speed up the verification process after applying, you can contact the support specialist at the numbers indicated in the site header.

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This information is not always available automatically.

(paragraph 3) – You can’t start unlocking an iPhone if it has never been activated! If this field is absent when checking the IMEI of your iPhone, then iPhone is INACTIVE!

(clause 6) – This clause is relevant for iPhones that were sold under a contract, i.e. I have a binding to the operator. The checker shows the expiration date of the contract, and if it expired, then the value "Expired".

If the contract of your iPhone has expired – this does not mean that this phone will be automatically unlocked!

Check Iphone By Imei

(item 7) – The value "Locked / Locked" is locked, it is impossible to work with your operator; “Unlocked / Unlocked” – this phone can work with any SIM card in the world.

This check must be carried out by IMEI, which is located in the device’s memory (just dial # 06 # or go through settings – basic – about this device), not on the tray, not on the box, and not on the device’s body, as These items are easy to replace. On this page you can quickly and conveniently check your iPhone by name.

What is the IMEI of your iPhone and what is it used for?

International Mobile Equipment Identity – Translated from English: “International Mobile Equipment Identity.”

IMEI is a Number (15-bit decimal) unique to each iPhone phone.

Aimei is assigned to the iPhone at the factory. It serves to identify the device on the network and is stored in the phone software.

There are no two phones with the same IMEI.