Can I Uninstall An Ios Game And Save My Progress?

Can I Uninstall An Ios Game And Save My Progress?

I want to remove the game from my iPhone to make room for other applications. If I try to do this, he warns that all application data will be deleted.

This is a game in which there are stages that need to be unlocked in order to play them again. If I ever reinstall this game, I do not want to go through the entire unlock process. I want to keep my progress and start from there. Is there a way to remove the game from my iPhone, but do I remember my progress in case I reinstall it later?

I know that Game Center stores information about high scores and marks, but do I also keep progress?

Some developers will help you by telling you which files you need to copy from the package to save your progress – it’s worth the email. Mika Mobile is one of them – see how I was able to copy my progress in Battleheart from one device to another. If you are comfortable copying a file, this is not difficult.

If you uninstall the application, the application package (and application) will still be copied as part of the iTunes backup if you created it.

You can archive the backup found in

However, this is a very clumsy approach. It will restore everything, so you will overwrite any successes that you have achieved in other applications after this backup.

My approach was to use iExplorer to copy document directories and libraries from the application and put them later. To be sure that this will work, you will need to make a backup, back up the backup, and then copy the document and library directories for the application. Then uninstall the application. Reinstall the application, return the catalogs of documents and libraries. If your application saves progress as you want, you can continue. If not, restore the backup and keep thinking … maybe choose another application to delete?

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There is currently no mechanism in Game Center for saving game progress.

For games that store progress information on your device, this information will be deleted when the application is uninstalled. However, it will be copied to iTunes, so you can restore it from the backup (see this question for more information).

Games that want to keep progress in iCloud can do this – in this case, if it is implemented correctly, just reinstalling the application will give it access to old data (provided that you are logged into the same iCloud account).

When you delete an application, it no longer gives you the ability to save your data. You can no longer choose to save or delete.

I would like to comment on the answers here, as both declare that uninstalling the application will delete all data.

However, Supercell (the creators of Clash of Clans) seems to have found a solution to this problem. Although all game data is stored on their servers, they store account information somewhere on your phone, which will remain even after the application has been deleted.

Can I Uninstall An Ios Game And Save My Progress?

First: No, this is not a Game Center account that recovers data, because even when I register the GC, delete the application, reinstall the application and start the game, it will return to where I was before.

Secondly: I heard about using UDIDs to determine if it is the same device, but that is not the case either. Since March 2012 (I think), Apple will no longer allow apps / games to access the device’s UDID (for privacy reasons).

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I think it is possible that (possibly a very limited amount) of data is stored outside the application, although I’m not sure how and where.

I also have an apple device. After one of the latest updates, I was not able to save the data that he says: "Removing this application will delete its data." In the past, you clicked the “Delete” button, and it asked you to delete the application data. But now you have no choice. He simply deletes it with his data.

I tested this in my application, rebooted it and opened it and my data disappeared.

I did this because I have the same problem, I do not want to lose Minecraft mines, so I tested iCloud, it does not work, so do not take risks. The game center only saves achievements. Not data or progress.

In some games, you request a facebook account from you and they use it to save player progress. For example, Tap Titans, Real Racing, Candy Crush … etc. Check it out.