Apple Tv What Is It

Apple Tv What Is It

Apple TV what is it? This is a modern device developed by Apple that allows you to watch movies from a huge collection, watch YouTube videos, listen to high-quality music, view photo galleries. To use all these features, you need an Apple TV digital set-top box, a high-quality television receiver or monitor with a screen resolution of at least 480p, a sound system with good playback quality (you can use the TV audio input). You must also connect to the global Internet via a wired or wireless line.

How to connect Apple TV

The manufacturer’s instructions indicate how to connect apple tv. Use an HDMI cable or component video cable to connect the video signal. To connect sound using a component audio cable or digital fiber optic cable.
On the front panel of the Apple TV there is a power indicator and an infrared receiver from the remote control.
The following connectors are located on the rear panel:

Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote used to tune television and to control viewing. The remote control communicates with the television receiver through infrared light rays, so there must be an open space between the remote control and the TV.

1) Menu up \ scroll. Scrolling up the options Apple TV menu
2) Previous \ rewind
3) Menu down \ scroll. Scrolling down the menu options
4) Menu. go to the previous menu while holding the button. return to the main menu
5) Battery compartment. the CR2032 battery must be replaced after the corresponding icon appears on the TV screen
6) Select \ play \ pause. selection of one of the menu items; to put into sleep mode, keep pressed for 6 seconds
7) Next \ fast forward
8) LED window

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Rebooting Apple tv occurs after simultaneously holding buttons 3) and 4)
Setting up your Apple tv remote The connection between the remote control and the set-top box occurs after simultaneously holding the buttons 4) and 7) for 6 seconds. After setting, the prefix Apple TV will work only with this remote control.
You should know that the buttons and. on the remote control of the device are not designed to adjust the sound volume, for this you need to use the TV remote control

Setting up Apple TV

Setup starts with connecting the set-top box to a computer network with Internet access via a wired or wireless connection, and connecting to the TV with cables for transmitting video and sound.
The wired network is configured automatically, with a wireless connection, you will need to select your own from the list of found Wi-Fi networks and enter its password.
To select the resolution of the output video that matches the capabilities of your TV, press the MENU button on the remote control simultaneously and for 6 seconds. To select the output video resolution, press the or buttons. When the Apple tv logo appears on the TV screen, click OK. Now the video output mode of the set-top box is optimal.

Apple TV indicator

On the front panel of the console there is a light indicator that allows you to determine the status of the device.

  1. The indicator lights up in white. device is on
  2. The indicator does not light. Apple TV is off
  3. The indicator blinks orange. loading in progress
  4. The indicator flashes white. the prefix receives a command from the remote control
  5. Apple Tv What Is It
  6. One flash in orange. Apple TV rejects the command from the remote control, using the remote control with which no pair was created
  7. The indicator alternately blinks white and orange. malfunctions in the operation of the device were detected.
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Generations of Apple TV

From the beginning of the release of the first model of Apple’s set-top box in 2007, and until the announcement of the new product in 2017, the company produced several generations of set-top boxes and various models within the generation. To determine the model number of a TV set-top box manufactured by Apple, you must enter the Menu: Home, Settings, Basic, About the device. It contains information about the model, serial number, and operating system used. This information is also contained on a sticker at the bottom of the device and on the packaging box.

1st generation

The first generation of set-top boxes contained a 40 or 160GB hard drive. It differs from subsequent generations in the outwardly silver color of the device and the white remote control, the presence on the case of ports of the component video signal and RCA audio connectors, and the presence of a USB port. Apple TV A1218 First Generation Model Number

2nd generation

The second generation of Apple TV set-top boxes was released in 2010, due to the improvement of hardware and software components, it allows viewing streaming video from the Internet. On the black case of the device, RCA connectors disappeared, and USB was replaced with micro USB. Apple TV of the second generation is equipped with an aluminum remote control. Model Number A1378

3rd generation

The third generation was published in 2012, a new processor was used in it and the user interface was changed. Outwardly, it is impossible to distinguish Apple’s 2nd and 3rd generation set-top boxes. they look the same. The difference can be determined by the model number. A1427 or A1469.

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4th generation

The fourth generation appeared in 2015. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, uses a USB-C port for maintenance, the memory capacity is 32 or 64 GB. The color of the case and the remote control. the black. Model A1625.

5th generation

In the fifth generation of the set-top box, called Apple TV 4K, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology, a gigabit port for connecting to a computer network, and dual-band Wi-Fi are used. No USB port. Model Number A1842