Android Remote Control From Pc In Airdroid

Android Remote Control From Pc In Airdroid

The free AirDroid application for Android phones and tablets allows you to use a browser (or a separate program for your computer) to remotely control your device without connecting it via USB – all actions are carried out via Wi-Fi. To use the program, the computer (laptop) and Android device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (When using the program without registration. If you register on the AirDroid website, you can remotely control the phone without a router).

Using AirDroid, you can transfer and download files (photos, videos, music and others) from android, send SMS from a computer via your phone, play the music stored there and view photos, also manage installed applications, a camera or clipboard – at the same time, for this to work, you don’t need to install anything on your computer. If you only need to send SMS via Android, I recommend using the official method from Google – How to receive and send Android SMS from a computer or laptop.

Install AirDroid, connect to Android from a computer

After installing the application and several screens (all in Russian), on which the main functions will be presented, you will be prompted to log in or register (create an Airdroid account) or “Log in later” – at the same time, without registration you will be able to access all the main functions , but only on your local network (i.e., when you connect both the computer from which you are remotely accessing Android and your phone or tablet to the same router).

The next screen displays two addresses that you can enter in the address bar of your browser in order to connect to Android from your computer. At the same time, registration is required to use the first address, only connection to one wireless network is necessary for the second.

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Additional features if you have an account: access to the device from anywhere from the Internet, control of several devices, and the ability to use the AirDroid application for Windows (plus the main functions – receive notification of calls, SMS messages and others).

AirDroid Home Screen

After entering the specified address in the address bar of the browser (and confirming the connection on the Android device itself), you will see a fairly simple but functional control panel of your phone (tablet), with information about the device (free memory, battery, Wi-Fi signal strength) , as well as icons for quick access to all basic actions. Consider the main ones.

Note: if your AirDroid Russian language does not automatically turn on, you can select it by clicking on the “Aa” button in the top line of the control page.

How to transfer files to a phone or download them to a computer

To transfer files between the computer and your Android device, click the Files icon in AirDroid (in a browser).

A window with the contents of the memory (SD card) of your phone will open. Management is not much different from management in any other file manager: you can view the contents of folders, upload files from a computer to a phone, or download files from Android to a computer. Key combinations are supported: for example, to select multiple files, hold Ctrl. Files are downloaded to the computer as a single ZIP archive. Right-clicking on a folder, you can call the context menu, which lists all the main actions – delete, rename, and others.

Reading and sending SMS from a computer via an Android phone, contact management

By the “Messages” icon you will get access to SMS messages stored on your phone – you can view, delete, reply to them. In addition, you can write new messages and send them to one or several recipients at once. Thus, if you write a lot via SMS, chatting with a computer can be much more convenient than using the on-screen keyboard of your phone.

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Note: a phone is used to send messages, that is, each sent message is paid in accordance with the tariffs of your service provider, just as if you just dialed and sent it from the phone.

In addition to sending messages, in AirDroid you can conveniently manage your address book: you can view contacts, change them, organize them into groups and perform other actions usually applied to contacts.

Application management

The “Applications” item is used to view the list of applications installed on the phone and remove unnecessary ones, if you wish. In some cases, in my opinion, this method may be more convenient if you need to clean up the device and disassemble all the trash accumulated there over a long time.

Using the “Install application” button at the top right of the application management window, you can download and install the apk file from the Android application from the computer to your device.

Play music, view photos and videos

In the Images, Music and Video sections, you can separately work with image and video files stored on your Android phone (tablet) or, conversely, send files of the appropriate type to the device.

View full screen photos from your phone

If you take photos and videos on your phone, or hold music there, then using AirDroid you can view and listen to them on your computer. For photos, there is a slide show mode, when listening to music displays all the information about the songs. As well as when managing files, you can upload music and photos to your computer or drop them from your Android computer.

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The program also has other features, such as controlling the device’s built-in camera or the ability to take a screenshot of the screen. (In the latter case, however, you need root. Without it, you can perform this operation as described in this article: How to take a screenshot)

Android Remote Control From Pc In Airdroid

Additional features of AirDroid

On the Tools tab in Airdroid, you will find the following additional features:

  • Simple file manager (see also Best file managers for Android).
  • Screen recorder (see also How to record a screen on Android in adb shell).
  • Phone search function (see also How to find a lost or stolen Android phone).
  • Managing the distribution of the Internet (modem mode on Android).
  • Enabling Android notifications about calls and SMS on the computer desktop (requires AirDroid for Windows program, about which – hereinafter)

Additional management features in the web interface will include:

  • Calls using your phone (button with the image of the handset on the top line).
  • Manage contacts on the phone.
  • Creating screenshots and using the device’s camera (the last item may not work).
  • Access to the clipboard on Android.

AirDroid app for Windows

If you wish, you can download and install AirDroid for Windows (it requires that you use the same AirDroid account on your computer and on your Android device).

In addition to the basic functions of transferring files, viewing calls, contacts and SMS messages, the program has some additional options:

  • Manage multiple devices at once.
  • Functions for controlling input on Android from a computer and controlling the Android screen on a computer (requires root access).
  • The ability to quickly transfer files to devices with AirDroid, located on the same network.
  • Convenient notifications of calls, messages and other events (a widget is also displayed on the Windows desktop, which, if desired, can be removed).