All Ways To Record Phone Calls On Xiaomi

All Ways To Record Phone Calls On Xiaomi

In the harsh 90s, going to the department store, I came across a disk phone with a conversation recording button. Without bothering to check what it is, he quickly bought it and rushed home. Imagine my disappointment when the button on closer inspection turned out to be a fake. Now turning on recording calls on your Xiaomi will not be difficult for me, and for you too, but I’ll tell you more in detail in the article.

How to start the process

In order to enable conversation recording on Xiaomi, we will perform a number of simple operations.

We go into the dialer (the handset in the green square), select the menu options (the lower left icon on the left), before us opens the recording function settings. We activate the option to record calls automatically.

The remaining actions are related to the choice of subscribers whom you want to listen to again, either these are all numbers or selected ones. In the last contacts, we determine the list of recorded subscribers, to add a number you need to touch the Super Suspicious button can use the category – unknown numbers, which can also be added to the list.

In principle, that’s all. Users who read a similar post on one of the network resources burst into tirade into the air: what if I want to record selectively, to suit my mood? This opportunity is also present. During a specific call, she is in front of you. If in previous versions of MIUI it was necessary to click on the word “yet”, now the recording option hangs during a call and is available immediately.

Where are stored and how to find records

The exact storage location for recorded calls is the MIUI / sound_recorder / call_rec folder. Each file is recorded in the most common mp3 format, the name will indicate from whom, at what time and by what number the call was made. Even the duration of the call, in kilobytes, will be determined.

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You can find and listen to audio files in the built-in voice recorder. We go into the tools – voice recorder – my notes. The top line will show you the recorded conversations, laid out in chronological order.

You can search in another way. Explorer is located on one of the screens, and we need it, enter and select the internal memory of the device. The desired folder will be in the full list of phone contents. Scroll down the list, folders are arranged in alphabetical order. Everything that a smartphone records is stored in it.

Applications for listening to phone calls

There are some inconveniences when using the phone’s built-in resources. This and the striking limitations of the settings when recording and tight binding to the storage location, which is not bottomless at all. So, after a short use of this option, sooner or later, the question will arise about the use of third-party applications that are stuffed with the Play Store.

Xiaomi did not finish and develop the recording function for one simple reason (it seems to me). The fact is that no one has yet canceled the inviolability of a person’s personal space. Many countries quite clearly make it clear that recording and even more so listening in the future to anyone else is not recommended. And that is to say the least. A ban on recording exists in a number of countries, others limit the issue of listening. Russia does not impose restrictions on recordings, but publishing publicly available audio files of telephone conversations is possible only by court order. In other words, recording is permitted, publicizing is not. The confidentiality of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other messages under the Constitution of the Russian Federation is inviolable.

We now proceed directly to the applications themselves. The best-rated utilities that will attract the maximum number of users from around the world will be presented.

  1. Cube Call Recorder ACR. This is its full name. The trick is that, in addition to phone calls, you can record conversations in VoIP applications, such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and many others. The list is very solid, I settled on the most famous instant messengers.
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What does the program offer?

  • crystal clear sound quality;
  • automatic recording of negotiations, the formation of various lists of subscribers, exceptions, and the like;
  • Naturally, manual recording;
  • the file manager built into the application allows you to immediately reproduce everything that is recorded;
  • smart speaker change. If you bring the phone to your ear while listening to the recording, the sound will switch from the speaker to the earpiece. Listen privately;

All the best is in the premium application, it is not free.

  • Backup to cloud storage on Google drive;
  • PIN protection from the curious;
  • It is possible to move to an SD card;
  • Shaking the phone during a conversation, you can highlight its important part. For example, they threaten you or extort something, shake the device! The villain is on your hook.
  • Incognito mode. Suitable for spies, the widget can be completely hidden from prying eyes in the bowels of the device.

I intentionally elaborated on the description of this application, since all subsequent ones will repeat it to one degree or another.

  1. Call Recording – Record telephone conversations. Here is such a long name in the Market.

A huge number of settings focused on mobile communications. Of the declared capabilities, but not indicated in the previous version:

  • automatic call recorder for incoming and outgoing connections;
  • it is possible to change the format of the recorded sound, mp3 or wav;
  • answering machine;
  • Storage is offered optionally by Dropbox.

But there is a flaw that many users point to. This is a large amount of advertising penetrating the screens of a smartphone.

  1. ACR call recording. Another application on the same topic. It has proven itself from the best side. For normal operation, you must remove all other utilities of similar content and exclude energy saving for the program. Give her freedom of action, make autorun, and the utility will work, as if it were a system resource. It has long been on the software market, so I recommend it.
  2. Automatic Call Recorder. There are an unimaginable number of downloads on Google Market. 100 million! Can I trust these statistics, I don’t know. Of the outstanding buns, this is what was revealed. If you remove the application from the phone and reinstall it on another, the saved calls are restored. True, many people can brag of this option, especially in the presence of cloud storage.
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How to listen to recordings

What can I say, the mp3 format of the audio file is available to all players and combined devices without exception. To get started, take a look at the recorder, and listening to the recorded conversation is not difficult. You made a call, the smartphone performed certain actions according to the scenario you specified, and the saved auto-recording is ready for listening. It can be either the phone itself, with its player and already mentioned voice recorder, or any computer, mp3 player, radio with USB input, TV, finally. Connect the smartphone to the computer and discard the recording file to an external memory card. Nothing more is required. And if your application replaces the system resource for recording calls, then you can immediately configure it to store audio on an SD card. In this case, you won’t have to rewrite anything.

How to turn off call recording

You can disable the recording of telephone conversations in the same place where you originally turned it on.

We pass along the already familiar route: “Dialer” – “Menu Options” – “Settings” – “Call Recording”. We deactivate the option: record calls automatically, and all your selected numbers for recording will disappear. If you have installed an application for duplication of this function, delete it. To completely clean up everything that would remind you of your past spy life, use the explorer to go to the internal memory and clean the folder called MIUI / sound_recorder / call_rec. Delete all its contents, you can even the folder itself. If you decide to return to the old lesson, Android will create it again. As for the cloud and other storages, then you have all the cards in your hands, get rid of audio conversations, if you need to.