A Simple Solution To The Problem When Meizu Does Not See The Sim Card

A Simple Solution To The Problem When Meizu Does Not See The Sim Card

Despite the fact that modern Meizu smartphones are equipped with good cameras, loud speakers and colorful screens, their main purpose is to provide high-quality mobile communications. And if the device stops seeing one or both SIM cards, it turns into an almost useless “brick”. Consider why Meizu M5 Note, M2 mini or any other phone does not determine the SIM card and how to independently deal with this situation.

Possible causes of problems with SIM cards on Meizu smartphones

SIM-card problems are common to many mobile devices. They can occur not only after a mechanical or software intervention of the user, but also appear completely unexpectedly, for no apparent reason.

The following factors can lead to Meizu not seeing the installed SIM cards:

  1. Mechanical breakdowns. In smartphones, certain modules are responsible for the quality of communication (connector, card holder, power controller, power amplifier, etc.). And all of them under adverse conditions can fail.
  2. SIM card malfunction. Simka is a kind of electronic device that is equipped with its own printed circuit board. If this element is damaged, the phone may malfunction when connected to the network. SIM problems can also occur if the operator blocks it or expires.
  3. Problems with the Android OS. They are the result of an accidental disconnection of the card in the settings of the Meizu M3 Note, a rally of the IMEI identifier or an independent flashing of the device.
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Mechanical faults Meise

If the phone has stopped reading information from the SIM card, remember if it was exposed to mechanical stress before. So, with a strong impact of the gadget on a hard surface, one of its elements placed on the board could break off. It is quite difficult to determine which module is out of order by yourself, so in this case it is better to take the smartphone to the workshop.

If you are sure that Meizu M3 Not did not fall under the influence of external negative factors, you can try to figure out this situation without outside help. To do this, you need:

  1. See if the SIM is installed correctly.
  2. Remove it from the problem device and place it in a known working mobile phone. If everything works, then your SIM is working.
  3. Wipe the card holder with alcohol. This will clear his contacts from dirt.
  4. Press a card with a piece of paper. Perhaps the cause of the malfunction lies in the poor contact of the Sim with the phone.
A Simple Solution To The Problem When Meizu Does Not See The Sim Card

How to identify a malfunction of the SIM-card itself?

If you suspect that the problem is directly in the SIM card, try the following:

  1. Call the operator hotline and find out if they have blocked your number. This can happen if you do not use the card for a long time.
  2. If the phone does not accept the SIM you just bought, replenish its balance. In some operators, this is how SIM card activation is performed.
  3. Check for strong scratches and other defects on the SIM card. If any, replace it with a new one at the customer service center.
  4. Problems with SIM cards often arise when they are cropped independently, for example, from Mini-SIM to Micro-Sim. If the fit is not performed correctly, you will have to buy a new SIM card.
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Meizu Software Issues

In dual-SIM smartphones, users can disconnect one of the connectors to reduce power consumption. Therefore, if the device does not see only the second card, see if this slot is active. This can be done in the tab "SIM-cards and networks."

If Meizu M3 Note does not see a SIM card after downloading suspicious programs or visiting questionable websites, it is more likely that it will be charged with malware. If the phone has root rights, the virus can remove the IMEI identifier, thereby blocking the operation of the communication module.

To restore IMEI, the engineering menu of Meise will help:

  1. Enter Engineer Mode by dialing the combination ## 3646633 ## on the device.
  2. Click the CDS Information tab in the Connectivity section.
  3. Go to Radio Information – Phone 1. In the line after “AT”, enter the command as shown in the figure, and then click SEND AT COMMAND.
  4. Follow the same steps for another SIM-card. Only in this case after “AT” it will be necessary to enter EGMR = 1.10, ”IMEI”.
  5. Reboot the phone and check the operation of both SIM cards.

If the SIM cards stopped working after installing custom firmware on Meiza, licensed software will help restore their normal state. A suitable version can be downloaded from the official Meizu website flymeos.com and installed using the Recovery Mode built-in phone environment.