A new method of recording data in DNA allows you to fit all of YouTube in a teaspoon

A new method of recording data in DNA allows you to fit all of YouTube in a teaspoon

Israeli Technion scientists have reported incredible progress in developing breakthrough technology for storing data in a DNA molecule. It turns out that the storage medium created by nature itself is perfect for this task – who would have thought? According to the researchers, it is quite possible to achieve a colossal density of 10 PB per 1 gram of DNA.

Scientists are convinced that if the technology can be implemented at the proper level, the entire existing amount of YouTube video content can fit in one teaspoon of DNA carrier. However, the process of encoding information is not easy. To do this, you first need to translate the binary sequences in a combination of four nucleodes A, C, G and T. After that, during the synthesis, the nucleodes line up in internal chains. Actually, the data is "recorded". To read them, a sequencing procedure is required – the separation of an entire DNA strand into individual nucleodes.

Israeli scientists made a breakthrough in three directions: firstly, they expanded the "alphabet" by adding new values ​​for the encoding; secondly, they reduced the number of synthesis circles by 20%; thirdly, improved the mechanism for correcting errors. The fact is that existing methods of synthesis and sequencing are somewhat redundant, since nature creates too many “backup copies” of DNA molecules. It is practically impossible to influence this, and therefore the researchers went the other way and applied this very redundancy to increase the number of “letters” used to translate the binary code.

Taking a new approach, the experimenters hope to reduce the duration of the synthesis when encoding by 75%. If they succeed, it will be a huge breakthrough in the matter of storing huge amounts of data in DNA.

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What are you talking about?
And why is it interesting to store YouTube in DNA?
As soon as I read a similar article, I recall the animus from the Assassin’s Creed game, saying that you can read the genetic memory and see how the ancestors lived, etc.

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Better than the good old warm tube magnetic tape, mankind is unlikely to come up with.

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So no one could see.

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YouTube in a spoon, and the whole Internet in a barrel

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You will not believe: as soon as a new great scientist or cultural figure appears, the God-chosen ones immediately “find” Jewish “roots” from him.
I remember, about ten years ago I came across an article in which, in all seriousness, it was told about the Jewish "roots" of Lomonosov.

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well, in theory, it all started in them))

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When it goes into the series, a couple of 1000K films will fit on it. I used to think that 1TB would be messed up now. Content grows faster than media

And this is where the speed of writing 10 words in a couple of days? well, good luck with recording all youtube

Not nucleodes but nucleotides.

Yeah, it’s not just one rumor that cut me.

I would fit this day in my head, not to mention all YouTube on a spoonful of DNA.

A breakthrough will be when it can also be devoured. And all at once to see.

DNA based on YouTube content. It smacks of the creation of biological weapons!

The news is not new, but things are still there

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