4 Ways To Turn Off Find Iphone And Activation Lock On Iphone, Ipad And

4 Ways To Turn Off Find Iphone And Activation Lock On Iphone, Ipad And

Suppose your iPhone is out of order: it does not turn on and does not respond to button presses or to connecting to a computer. A service center employee refuses to take the device for repair, explaining the refusal by the fact that the device has the “Find iPhone” function, which must be disabled first. How to do this if the iPhone does not turn on and there is no access to its settings?

We’ll talk today about why you need to turn off the Find iPhone feature and how we can do this.

Of course, “Find iPhone” is a wonderful feature that allows you to remotely control a lost or stolen iOS device, block it, send a text message and play sound, as well as erase personal data so that they do not fall into the hands of attackers. Activation lock is a powerful tool that will not allow you to activate the device after restoring or updating the firmware until the "native" Apple ID and password are entered.

On the one hand, both of these mechanisms are designed to protect the owners of iOS devices from theft and unauthorized use of personal data, on the other hand, there are cases when the rightful owners are stumped due to the operation of these functions, one of which I described in the announcement.

Indeed, when contacting the service center with a complaint about an iPhone failure, the center employee will ask you to turn off the “Find iPhone” function, so that after recovery, which is required in 99 cases out of 100, the activation lock does not turn the device into a “brick”.

When to turn off Find My iPhone

Without disconnecting, “Find iPhone” will not work:

    restore the device to iTunes (the program displays a warning that you must disable this feature before recovery);

delete data from the device (Erase content and settings);

restore data from backup in iTunes;

  • if the device breaks down, before contacting a service center.
  • Tip: Never turn off Find My iPhone, except as described above.

    There are several ways (more precisely 4) how to disable the “Find iPhone” function, you can do this on iPhone and iPad (3 ways), on a Windows computer and Mac OS X, from any tablet and smartphone (including Android on board)

    Ways to turn off Find My iPhone

    1. In the settings of the iPhone and iPad in the iCloud menu (2 ways).
    2. In the “Find iPhone” iOS application (free download).
    3. On a Windows computer and Mac OS X, on a tablet or smartphone (including Android) in the Find iPhone web application.

    In order to disable “Find iPhone” on an iPhone, it is necessary that the device from which the function is turned off is connected to the Internet.

    Disable Find iPhone on iPhone and iPad

    1. On the iPhone, go to “Settings.> iCloud. "

    Turn off the Find iPhone switch.

    Enter your Apple ID (if it is not connected in the device settings in the iCloud menu) and password.

    The security feature will be disabled, and you will receive a corresponding notification to the primary email address specified in the Apple ID settings.

    Disable Find iPhone on iPhone by disabling all iCloud features

    ICloud functions (synchronization of mail, contacts, calendar, reminders, notes, Safari, keychains, photos, documents and data and backup in iCloud), which include “Find iPhone” can be disabled individually or all at once. In the latter case, all functions are disabled simultaneously, for this:

      On the iPhone (or iPad), go to “Settings.> iCloud. "

    Tap on "Delete account" and confirm the request.

    Decide what to do with Safari data and iCloud contacts (delete or leave on iPhone).

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    Enter the Apple ID and password to which the device is “tied” (displayed in the settings in the “iCloud” menu in the “Account” field)

    All iCloud features will be disabled. There will be no email notifications.

    How to disable the Find iPhone feature in the iOS app of the same name on iPhone and iPad

    If for some reason (stolen, lost) you do not have access to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad, it makes no difference), you can disable the Find iPhone feature in it from any other iOS device.

      On the iPhone desktop, launch the Find iPhone app.

    Enter your Apple ID and password.

    Wait until the status of all devices tied to your Apple ID is updated.

    On the line with the device on which you want to disable “Find iPhone”, swipe left. A red “Delete” button will appear to the right of the model name.

    Please note that you can only delete iPhone, iPad, and a non-connected Mac with offline status in the Find My iPhone application. If your device is connected to the Internet, the “Delete” button will not appear.

    Confirm the deletion request. The device will be removed from the list, now you can restore the device via iTunes from the DFU mode or Recovery Mode, the activation lock will not block the device during the initial setup phase.

    In normal mode, in order to restore the device or data from a backup copy, as well as to erase data from its memory, it will be necessary to disable “Find iPhone” on the device itself, without this iTunes will not execute the corresponding request.
    In addition, if the remote device is reconnected to the Internet before restoring or updating the firmware, it will reappear in the “All Devices” menu and activation lock will be activated on it and “Find iPhone” will be activated, so after removing the device from iCloud do not connect it to the Internet .

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    How to disable "Find iPhone" on a Windows computer and Mac OS X, on a tablet or smartphone (including Android)

    “Find iPhone” is not only a protective function and an iOS application of the same name, it is also a web application in iCloud.com.

    In addition to the device itself, you can manage the function and its individual capabilities (loss mode, sound playback, erasing the device) via the Internet on the iCloud official website.

    Disable Find iPhone from iCloud

    1. From any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet in a web browser, go to: https://www.icloud.com/#find and log in (enter the Apple ID and password with which the device is associated).

    In the navigation menu (top), click on “All devices” and select the device for which you want to disable the “Find iPhone” function.

    Click on "Erase [your device]" and confirm the request (click on "Erase" again).

    Enter the password for your Apple ID (you don’t have to enter the identifier) ​​and double-click on “Next” (you do not need to enter the contact number and message text as when activating the iPhone loss mode), the final touch is “Finish”.

    The request will be queued for execution and will be executed as soon as the iPhone is connected to the Internet.

    Erasing data and, as a result, disabling the “Find iPhone” function and Activation Lock, unlike deleting a device from iCloud, can be performed on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers either connected to the Internet or not.

    As you may have noticed, the “Find iPhone” function has a “self-preservation instinct” – Activation Lock. This lock does not allow you to disable “Find iPhone” without entering the Apple ID and password with which the device is associated (tied). In all the described methods, to disable the function, entering an identifier and password from an Apple account is a prerequisite and it will not work around it.

    If you have any problems or questions on the topic, we will be happy to help in solving them, welcome to comments!