2-Sim 2014 Push-Button Telephone – Samsung Sm-B310e

Some smartphone owners, who have been used to tapping and scrolling for several years, are genuinely surprised by the fact that ordinary handsets are still in demand. It would seem that there is not such a big difference in price between them, especially now. At the same time, the capabilities of a device with a touch screen are incommensurably wider: from a notebook with a detailed description of a contact to Internet access with all its advantages.

Nevertheless, push-button telephones, sliders and clamshells are still alive, although it’s already 2015 already. Their pluses. it is the price, simplicity in management, speed, sizes. Such a phone does not slow down; it is not so pathetic to lose or break it. And he has buttons! However, losing is still a pity, because the contacts are not stored anywhere in your Google account, but on the phone or SIM card itself. But no one said that there are no cons at all.

In any case, we decided to move slightly away from the already familiar canons and take a look at the usual Samsung SM-B310E push-button phone, also known as Guru Music 2. It supports the simultaneous operation of two SIM cards, there is a memory card slot and a two-inch screen. In a word, exactly what was once called a “workhorse”, that is, an apparatus designed only for voice communication. Moreover, it was released in May 2014, so this model can not be called old. And the main question, the answer to which we will seek throughout the review, is: is it convenient to use?


For some reason, I remembered our last review of the button device, dedicated to the tiny Lexand LPH1 Mini model. Outwardly, the phone looks interesting, it has a “twist”, but in practice it turned out to be uncomfortable: you have to hold with your fingers, press it with your shoulder to your ear, the buttons are very small. Still, minimization should be reasonable.

But the dimensions of the Samsung SM-B310E, run in hundreds of models, are the most familiar to the standard push-button phone. The size of the keyboard promises convenient control, thickness and width of the case. reliable grip. Although, of course, smartphones have become the undisputed winners in the competition for the most convenient hold of the phone shoulder to ear thanks to the width of the case. But if we consider simple “tubes”, then there are no negative comments about our model.

The body of the device is completely plastic, and therefore. light. We cannot but pay attention to the battery cover, the surface of which is made "under the skin". In general, the solution is very successful, since the rough surface does not slip in the hands, resists scratches and looks very good. And how can you not recall the Galaxy Note 3 or Note 4.

We got the phone in white design, but there is still an option SM-B310E Blue, that is, blue. Ours, in turn, is conditionally called SM-B310 White. And I must say that the insert of light green color looks harmonious and very animates the look.

In general, if you trust our subjective opinion, then outwardly we liked the phone. Simple, comfortable, with a simple but pleasant design. I want to believe that further testing will be the same.

Connectors and keyboard

Let’s start with the connectors, since there are very few of them. At the top end we see a 3.5 mm audio jack and a flashlight. The latter can be turned on even with the keyboard locked. It shines with a wide, but dim beam. just to find your things before leaving the house, but without waking anyone up.

At the end of the right. connector for connecting the charger. Fortunately, this is an ordinary modern microUSB, so there will be no problems finding a charge in which case.

The butt on the left is empty. It’s a pity, since the volume rocker is very lacking. But such is the fate of many handsets. Although, on the other hand, it’s not for nothing that this SM-B310E is also called Music Guru 2 – what kind of music guru is it if the volume is adjusted only from the settings? But a little higher there is an eyelet for the lace, if suddenly you decide to wear such a relatively large device on the neck.

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Consider the back panel and make sure that the camera is not here. However, we personally are not upset about this, since usually such devices, if they get a camera, the quality of the images, as a rule, leaves much to be desired. In addition, its presence would affect the cost, which we do not need.

But the phone has a main speaker, and very good. Together with a vibration motor (rather weak), it will help not to miss a call in a noisy place.

Under the cover we see a 800 mAh battery, two slots for SIM cards of the usual mini size, as well as a microSD card slot for up to 16 GB.

Just such was at our disposal. showed up without any problems. If you have problems installing SIM cards in the SM-B310E, then a short video will help you solve them:

A few words about the keyboard. The buttons are very convenient. large, rubberized, with a tight, but clear touch. This applies to both the buttons on the digital unit and the navigation buttons. We also liked the four-position joystick in the form of the edging of a large inscribed confirmation key. Perhaps in the images it seems too narrow, in practice its use did not cause any difficulties even when working “blindly”.

But for some reason, the manufacturer decided that only the backlight for the digital unit would be enough. Navi keys and a joystick are hiding in the dark. Strange, but not critical. remembering the location of the keys is easy, and there are always tips on the screen.

Above the screen is only the earpiece.

In general, with the exception of partial, but not complete illumination, there is nothing to complain about. There are few connectors, but they are relevant, so there will be no problems with finding headphones, a charger and a cable for connecting to a PC. The keyboard is also good. both the buttons themselves and the joystick.

A more complete picture of the Samsung SM-B310E will allow you to compile its video review:


Display size. as much as two inches! Sounds funny in the age of smartphones when 4.5 inches diagonally. it is already a “mini". But for the “handsets" in general and for Samsung SM-B310E in particular, such a screen is visually quite large.

Resolution is 128×160 pixels. It seems that looking at the screen, you can see every point, but when was this a drawback of the “tube”? The time is visible, the number of the incoming call is displayed, even the photos stored on the memory card can be viewed. what else is needed?

There is no brightness sensor, so adjustment is done manually. In our case, the main value was "3". exactly in the middle of the scale. And I must say that in most situations, this level was enough. Except in two cases. in complete darkness, when even at this level of brightness the light “cuts” the eyes, or in bright sunlight, when the backlight is not enough. However, the brightness setting can be taken out for quick access (more on that later), so the adjustment does not take much time.

Characteristics Samsung SM-B310E

Samsung also has a model SM-B312E or Metro 312. It is a more advanced phone. However, the whole “advancement” consists of a camera with low quality shooting.

What can be said about this set of characteristics? Only the fact that the phone can call from two SIM-cards (alternately), displays information about calls on a small screen, can serve as a "flash drive", a player and a radio receiver.

The only thing that upsets a bit. lack of bluetooth support. Although if you imagine the average owner of such a phone, it is unlikely that the list of his requirements will contain the possibility of using a Bluetooth headset in conjunction with the B310E.

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In work

No camera, no Internet access, no GPS, no Bluetooth, no ability to write MMS here. Only calls and text messages. But there are 2 SIM-cards and a slot for a memory card, that is, this is Samsung SM-B310E Duos.

SIM is easy. In the settings, indicate the color and name of each SIM-card. The active SIM card with which a call will be made or a message is sent is determined by pressing the # button.

A memory card can be used to turn the phone into a "flash drive" by connecting a cable to a PC. Or to store audio files, simply put. music. The player in the phone, of course, is, the volume "gives out" a decent one, it remains only to pick up good headphones.

True, there is a drawback. the player does not know how to work in the background. Want to write SMS and listen to music? Alas, you have to choose one thing. You can’t even block the phone when the player is on, you can only wait for the autolock to trigger. Change the volume level, turn on the next track. only after unlocking. In general, it is not too convenient, since each action takes a relatively long time. And while the SM-B310E claims to be some kind of "guru".

The main speaker is quite loud, coupled with the right melody, there is every chance to hear a call even in a noisy place. But the vibration, as we have said, could be more powerful. Given the coming cold times, which in our area last for six months, the vibration of the phone lying in the pocket of a warm jacket, you can not feel.

As for the speech dynamics, he frankly disappointed us. sometimes the interlocutor’s voice turned into a “bubbling”. I had to ask the same thing several times, but even in this case the words were more likely to be guessed. It is clear that the phone belongs to the budget segment of the “handsets”, but such savings at key points are not clear.

One more moment not too pleasant for us. long exit from the lock mode, the time is at least two seconds. It can be shortened by pressing the end key. then the message “Keyboard unlocked” disappears immediately. But overall, if you intend to use your phone often, this situation can quickly get bored.

Recall that the phone has a battery capacity of 800 mAh. In the absence of all kinds of “whistles” in the form of Internet access, Bluetooth and other things, the owner of the phone has no choice but to use the device for its intended purpose. As a result, this allows the phone to last a very long time. For example, in our “test the phone to the fullest” mode, the charge lasted for two days, and this is a significant result. In our usual everyday mode, we are talking about 4-5 days, while on the forums they talk about 9-12 days on a single charge. Well, each has its own "normal" mode.

Annoying moment. when removing the battery, the time and date are “reset to zero”. This happens with many inexpensive phones, but it is not very comforting.

Phone software can be called ascetic. so simple.

There are basic tools for working with contacts and a couple of "utilities" in the form, for example, notes or a file manager, converter, calendar and alarm clock. As entertainment. player and sudoku game.

As is often the case with push-button telephones, quick access to frequently used functions is provided, and in this case its implementation leaves only positive impressions.

2-Sim 2014 Push-Button Telephone - Samsung Sm-B310e

Firstly, you can use each side of the joystick (except for "down"). Each direction is assigned a specific action. new message, player or radio, calculator, alarm clock, profiles, notes and so on.

Secondly, if you take a chance and press “down”, then we will go to the page where you can place up to eight any other “shortcuts”. As for the contacts, the “favorite” numbers are traditionally “hung” on the keys of the digital unit.

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The phone connects to the computer only as a drive. Unfortunately, syncing contacts via Samsung Kies or exporting them as a file is not supported.

If the contact is saved on the phone, you can assign several numbers to it. Good quick contact search in three consecutive digits. Of course, if you remember the number and it is not assigned to a number key. On each contact you can put "your" melody, assign a photo. True, it does not open in full screen, but better than never. Of the shortcomings. the missed call time is not displayed in the call log. To do this, you have to open the call itself.

The player, as we have said, can not work in the background. Only radio can do this.

A simple calendar is provided, but without the function of an organizer. In order not to forget anything, you have to use the usual notes or, say, an alarm clock.

In general, the menu is straightforward and convenient. Software. only the most necessary. Frankly, when describing such a simple phone, it’s hard to add anything else, so we suggest taking a look at the screen photos.


This phone can be compared with a hammer, saw or other similar tool of a narrow specialization. It is intended for one operation only. communication, such is its essence and credo. Therefore, we consider it inappropriate to complain about low screen resolution or lack of Internet access. After all, you do not use a hammer as a pointer or, say, a hockey stick, complaining about a short handle? At least we hope so =)

However, the closer attention should be paid to other aspects. Design, keyboard, screen, flashlight. fine. Two SIM cards and a slot for a memory card. perfectly. Quick access, additional information and several numbers for each contact. great. By autonomy, the phone will give odds to any smartphone, in this regard, too, everything is fine. Menu navigation, work with contacts. not “wow”, but without too much comment.

But the lack of synchronization and a weak conversational speaker. Alas. And if the second point can be sorted out during the purchase, then transferring 100, 200, 300 of your contacts to the phone becomes difficult, or even a problem.

Fortunately, this is the only serious flaw that we have discovered. So we can safely recommend Samsung SM-B310E as an inexpensive, simple, but convenient “dialer”. This is our answer to the question at the beginning of the review.

Price Samsung SM-B310E

You can buy Samsung SM-B310E for 1500 rubles. Not too much to worry about breakage or loss (if you do not take into account the loss of contacts). But not too little so that the phone does not have competitors.

Let’s start with Nokia 107 for 1300 rubles. Strong case, support for two SIM cards and a memory card, MP3 player and radio, flashlight, 1020 mAh battery. On the other hand. the only speaker that unlocks all your secrets to others, there is no USB connector.

Alcatel OT-2005D is a phone for calls, but already with some "twists" in the form of a large 2.4-inch screen, camera, Bluetooth, Internet access (EDGE). Cost. about 1700 rubles. True, Internet access is slow, and the camera. 2 MP. The phone has an attractive design, but low quality materials.

  • attractive design;
  • good body materials;
  • comfortable keyboard;
  • large and bright screen;
  • flashlight;
  • support for 2 SIM cards;
  • microSD memory card support up to 16 GB;
  • USB port for connecting to a PC and charging;
  • 3.5 mm audio jack;
  • reasonable cost;
  • two speakers.
  • problems with the case (only with us?);
  • partial keyboard backlight;
  • cheap speaker sound;
  • no headset included;
  • lack of synchronization of contacts;
  • long wait for unlock;
  • the player does not work in the background despite the musical positioning of the phone.

Reviews for the Samsung SM-B310E Music Guru 2 can be read and left below in the comments or on our forum.